Not a typo, but a comment

Fritz Leiber's Lankhmar setting, home to the legendary Fafhrd and Gray Mouser, is the first officially licensed setting for the DCC RPG.

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Not a typo, but a comment

Post by Maddrjeffe » Fri Jul 20, 2018 8:41 am

So firstly I'm really really liking this setting, module, rules upgrade? It really seems to capture the feel of Lankhmar introduces cool new concepts and makes the PCs way more awesome at the start. I was reading the compendium and came upon this paragraph...
"Some DCC Lankhmar campaigns will not incorporate classes or methods used in DCC RPG. For example, “literary style” Lankhmar games may not allow players to take the cleric class and begin play at 1st level rather than utilize the funnel. In these cases, certain birth augurs, such as Pack Hunter, Righteous Heart, or Survived the Plague, will not apply to the campaign and should be re-rolled. Consult your judge to determine what style of campaign he will be running and whether or not certain birth augurs should be re-rolled."

But since it sounds like theres a default play style for lankhmar based on all the earlier paragraphs in the section, would it be easier to just print an alternative lucky sign chart? As a GM I would certainly find that a little more useful and while I'll probably have the DCC brick nearby I like relying on smaller game aids to speed play and character creation. (It takes up valuable table space that gets smaller and smaller when I add other books to the mix.

I know it might complicate layout, but a new birth Auger chart addressing the no cleric issues would be nicer than just making people reroll from the main book, perhaps offset by a totally awesome Lankhmar character sheet?

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Re: Not a typo, but a comment

Post by michaelcurtis » Fri Jul 20, 2018 12:26 pm

An interesting suggestion. We'll consider it as we go through the final tweaks.

However, there is no true way to play DCC Lankhmar. The reason it may seem like we're encouraging a "literary" style game is because you're reading the Compendium, which is filled entirely with optional rules for literary campaign, but is not required. It is 100% possible to run a DCC Lankhmar game and never open the Compendium at all, if that's the way your group decides to play. We've also purposely put all the rules that players might need to reference if the judge decides to use any of these options in a single, thin book that can be carried along with the main rulebook without taking up too much space.

Glad you're liking what you've seen so far!
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