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Purple Planet - how do players learn how to get home?
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Author:  Lauguz [ Sat Apr 29, 2017 10:26 am ]
Post subject:  Purple Planet - how do players learn how to get home?

How do the players learn how to get home? I'm prepping to run the awesome PotPP, and as a Judge I understand the mechanism for the players to open the portal to return home, but its not clear to me how they learn. How has it played out in home games?

Author:  imperialus [ Sat Aug 04, 2018 11:54 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Purple Planet - how do players learn how to get home?

I would encourage them to try an ally with a Kith tribe. They could figure it out through that.

I think something like Purple Planet works best if you try to lay a bit of groundwork into integrating it into your campaign.

Personally, I added a whole other race to the world. It began because my PC's had allied themselves with a group of Lizardmen. I had begun the campaign by converting the U series (Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh) of AD&D modules. After allying with the Lizardmen in U2 I decided that the Lizardmen were actually devolved Drakki from the Tales From The Fallen Empires setting who had originated on the Purple Planet, but fled to the PC's world as refugees thousands of years ago when the sun began to die and the Kith began their descent into barbarism.

The PC's got sent to the Purple Planet after they were sent to an old Lizardman city to acquire an artefact belonging to the Lizardmen that would help them in their war against the Deep Ones. Over the course of this adventure, they awakened a number of statues that held the memories of ancient Drakki. The Drakki said they would help, but demanded a 'test' first. The test involved teleporting them to the Purple Planet with instructions to simply 'get home'. To help them out, I gave them a book somewhat inspired by Tom Riddles diary from Harry Potter. The PC's could write questions in it and the book would answer, though the information was many thousands of years out of date so it wasn't perfect but it helped them enough to get started.

Upon arriving on the planet the PC's discovered that the remaining Drakki were extinct, having been hunted out of existence by the Kith. There are clues within the ruins of the Drakki strongholds however that show how to get home.

Author:  ToddBradley [ Wed Sep 19, 2018 10:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Purple Planet - how do players learn how to get home?

Now that's it's been over a year since you ran it, I'm curious. How did your players figure out how to get home?

In my game, we just finished Neon Knights, and the PCs got stuck on the Purple Planet, so we're sorta committed to playing the 4th level hexcrawl now.

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