Best foot forward

There are over 50 DCC Adventures in print, including the main line (DCC #66.5 and up), the Holiday adventures, the Free RPG Day adventures, the new Horror line, and more! Suss them all out here!

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Best foot forward

Post by Disemvowel »

I am down to one week until my DCC campaign commences...but I am still toying around with which Funnel with which to open; no one has ever played DCC, and only a couple have ever played OD&D. I would prefer a mix or at least the presence of traps, puzzles, and combat.

Primary Choices:
Sailors on the Starless Sea
Tower of the Stargazer
Ruins of Ramat
Tower of the Black Pearl
Portal Under the Stairs

Second Tier Choices:
Tomb of the Iron God
Attack of the Frawgs
Lost Vault of Tsathzar Rho
Legends are Made, Not Born

I read the actual play accounts here as well as on blogs, I hope folks here who have played in/ran more than one of these can offer some insight. Also, are there any 0-level modules I have not listed here but are worthy of a look?
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Re: Best foot forward

Post by ThickSkullAdv »

Obviously I'm biased towards Attack of the Frawgs (having written it), but I would encourage you to look at Doom of the Savage Kings now that it's available. I know it's technically a 1-st level adventure but the writing for that adventure is superb.

And don't forget the adventures from Purple Sorcerer, Perils of the Sunken City, also a good time.
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