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PostPosted: Mon Nov 30, 2015 5:46 am 
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It was all going so well....
My party made really good progress in this adventure during the first two sessions but last night things took quite a dive.
On arrival they headed straight for the manor house. uncovered the Azrads chamber beneath the house and found a card by rummaging around in the scrying pool (that day Azrad only had two so if they had kept looking they may have destroyed him before they met him). They then jumped on the subtle clue that pointed in the direction of the devils lair. The pit trap nearly led to the death of several party members but they survived and decided to rest up for the night (after enjoying the high fete). The next morning they guessed that the matron might have the key and managed to convince her to hand it over. Fearing the devil may be undone before they have even left the manor house to explore the other areas I decided that the devil would kill the matron and compel the ladies to go walking in the woods thereby keeping their keys out of the hands of the pc's at least for a while. After retrieving the devils box but failing to pick the three key lock they went hunting for the ladies, one of which was conveniently spotted heading into the woods.
This is where it started going wrong.
The thief decided to walk through the mist barrier. Not his smartest move.
They then found one of the ladies being attacked by a barrier worm. After defeating it the lady was more than happy to give them her key. After escorting her back they decided to head for the tower in the mist quickly before dusk.
Whilst waiting for the barrier to appear the cleric on a whim decided to try the key and fell under the geas so she will now try and protect the box and wont be healing until the box is opened. As the only source of healing this is going to be a problem.
Sorry for rambling but now the question. Presuming they do not open the box before the next day (very unlikely) or destroy the box and the card, how would you handle the reset. Does the box return to its hiding place with the cleric freed of the geas?

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 30, 2015 10:58 am 
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i would totally groundhog it up.

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