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 Post subject: At last!
PostPosted: Sat Mar 09, 2013 6:43 pm 
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Finally, after many sessions of the players seeming rolling really good ALL the time. The dice turned on them. This last session was short, but we had a Death, failed save and failed recover the body rolls led to this. Spells were lost, Abilities were spell burned, luck was spent and we all LOVED every minute of it!!!

The overall Campaign has now I think settled on the fact that everyone involved wants to clear out Tegel Manor. The Players have pretty much taken control of the village now an so far are being really good about it. I had been worried about how I was going to work the DCC modules into Tegel Manor and well it's funny how these things tend to work themselves out.

The Manor itself is located on a bluff overlooking the sea and the village itself just a few miles inland. Just south of the Manor on the map is decent sized building, it too on a cliff side along the coast with a small beach nearby. The past few sessions the group had been eyeballing the location and thinking they should check it out. Maybe they could set up base of operations there to strike at the Manor from. I realized this is a perfect spot for the Emerald Enchanter. A session or two ago the players encountered a green emerald hand crawling about in the Manor, which they promptly locked in an empty chest and forgot about. I had planned on using that as a lead in for the Emerald Enchanter anyway but now I find them walking right into a location that is perfect for his lairs location. All i changed was that an illusion was cast over the Lair to make it appear as an ancient ruin from afar. Once the party was within 50ft of the place its true nature was revealed.

So in the next post I will sum up their initial encounter with the Emerald Enchanter!

As always I invite you all to check out my blog as the adventure is chronicled there in much more depth, and with pictures too!

Ah well, who wants to live forever? DIE!

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