DCC/MCC/Etc. in Toronto, Ontario

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DCC/MCC/Etc. in Toronto, Ontario

Post by Raven_Crowking » Fri Oct 12, 2018 9:42 am

And so it begins.....The first of three funnels, followed by London Calling and Running the Red Path, to develop player characters.

Each player may bring 4 0-level PCs. PCs reach level 1 at 10 XP. Each funnel will offer its own opportunities, so feel free to play in all of them if you wish! Mix and match if you like. More options can be found at: http://tcc-dcc.blogspot.com/

This is an open table game with no commitment required, following a sandbox format following the initial funnels.

https://tcc-dcc.blogspot.com/2018/10/id ... n-don.html

So I came down through the wood to the bank of the Don and found, as had been prophesied, the ship Bird of the River about to loose her cable.

The captain sat cross-legged upon the white deck with his scimitar lying beside him in its jewelled scabbard, and the sailors toiled to bring the ship into the central stream of the Don, and all the while sang ancient soothing songs. And the wind of the evening came suddenly, like glad tidings to an anxious city.
SoBH pbp:

Cathbad the Meek (herbalist Wizard 1): AC 9; 4 hp; S 7, A 7, St 10, P 17, I 13, L 8; Neutral; Club, herbs, 50' rope, 50 cp; -1 to melee attack rolls. Hideous scar.

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