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PostPosted: Sat Jun 17, 2017 7:38 am 
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Continuing on from the Starless Sea Funnel our group was stranded on the ghost ship. It sailed out to sea with a mind of its own and the group was stuck waiting to find land. They made the best of it by leveling up and were able to find some useful weapons and study material stashed away below deck (thieves tools, spell books, etc to facilitate the process.) The group lived off of their stored rations, animals, and trade goods they had retained from the funnel, and took turns keeping watch for some sign of land or life.

I decided to take my son’s on a short, home brew side quest in between full sessions. (I needed some practice with the system and they were itching to play). Instead of sitting at a table we sat in the floor of their room just like my two player 2e group used to do when I ran my first D&D sessions in my early teens. Oh, the memories.

The ship finally made landfall while Blackthorn (Wizard) and Fark (Fighter) were on watch and the rest of the group was asleep. A young boy on the shoreline shouted for help, and they raced off to assist. The child (Mex) was part of a group of pilgrims that had been set upon by a group of grey skinned, three-armed humanoids. Blackthron and Fark made quick work of the creatures with sleep spells and a warhammer. The leader of the fiends ate some sort of black ball of jelly that caused him to explode, expelling his black gelatinous guts in every direction and firing a magical warning flare high into the sky. The signal was answered by a deep growl from up the road. The group quickly searched the bodies finding a few coins and another black jelly orb, then made their retreat.

(Fris-Gris Wanderers: Stats as Orcs except 2d20 actions and +2 AC vs backstab due to a third arm that sticks out of their back. Preferred weapon: dual wield daggers, Leaders carry an orb of Enchanted black Jelly that if given a command word in The Grey Shadow Tongue and consumed will cause the creatures to explode in 1d3+1 rounds doing 1d6 damage to those in melee range and firing a firework like signal flare 100 feet into the sky that can be heard for a mile in any direction.)

Now accompanied by soul survivor Mex, the adventurers retreated to an abandoned cottage just off the road. Fark could not help but look out the window as heavy footsteps approached and was spotted by the 12’ tall menacing 4 tusked humanoid. It knocked in the door and the group began attacking its knees. The creature, too large to enter the building, began destroying the roof in an attempt to collapse the cabin on top of them. Blackthorn released a chocking cloud that weakened the beast, and Fark jumped out of the window and used a mighty deed and critical to knock the beast down and destroy its nose as it fell to the earth. With the great beast clinging to life; little Mex finished the job with his club (a stick).

(The Untherboar, Stats as a giant bugbear, Speaks the Grey Shadow Tongue and wards over bands of Fris-Gris)

The players then helped Mex to finish his pilgrimage and take the cart of berries to a woodland shrine. Mex explained that evil creatures were usually purged from the area by their offerings but had been multiplying of late. When they arrived at the Shrine they found a group of bandits were stealing a batch of berries to sell to a local wine maker. When, in a brief and heated parlay, a member of the group of thieves referred to Fark as Blackthron’s girlfriend the gloves came off and a fist to the face took him out of the fight. (Fark’s a girl and she's Blackthorn’s friend but she is no one’s girlfriend)

The one liner of the night came as I quickly scribbled down some notes for this encounter and Blackthorn turned to Fark and said, “Quick, lets flee while he does the math!” They didn’t of course.

Blackthorn used prismatic spray to incapacitate the fighters up front but a rogue and young wizard escaped to the shadows of the shrine. The bandit wizard began lobbing magic missiles from the darkness. Blackthorn took cover behind the pilgrim’s cart and Fark used a unconscious body to provide cover as he moved amongst the incapacitated foes dispatching them. Mex became the target of a Magic Missile crit and took over 20 damage. His one hit point was no match for the strange magic of the assassin. The rogue began sneaking through the woods in an attempt to backstab Fark., but failed a sneak roll and was down in no time. Fark and Blackthron advanced their cart to the shrine where the Wizard attempted a magic missile from the cover of a column, this time he failed his roll losing his only spell and immediately began begging for mercy. Neutral Blackthron contemplated allowing surrender but Chaotic Fark had had enough. Thre party was awarded with a set of scale mail, and three sets of studded leather as well as a few coins.

(Bandit Group was 4 Fighters, a Wizard, and a Thief. No player type abilities save for the wizard's Magic Missile, and the thief’s backstab. The leader had 2HD and the rest had 1HD, all per class.)

The duo put the berries on the alter and went back to their ship. Blackthorn (Knowing he was going to miss the next session due to VIP Metallica Tickets) had spellburned himself to oblivion and back and would need a good long rest. The entire group would move out to the road in an attempt to find shelter and food inland.

The next session the group will be back to a near full strength party and after several days travel will find themselves happening upon the impending sacrifice of a raven-haired girl, near some standing stones just outside the village of Hirot.

PbP Purple Planeteers

Duke - Wizard C Trapper
S12(11) A9 S9 P16(2) I17(2) L14(1) AC 10 HP 4 Mov 30
Init 0 Ref +1 Fort 0 Will +3 SP +3 crit 1d6/I +1 Spell Dam
{Enlarge (93) — Sleep (66&81) — Color Spray (90)}
{Patron Bond (32-sun) — Invoke Patron (70) — Find Familiar (25)}
{Chill Touch (69&86) — Lang: PC (beg) dragon, hobgoblin, chaos}
Glad chain mail (+/-4) (not worn) Torch, Flint and Steel, 25cp

Blackthorn - Thief N Hunter
S9 A13 S11 P7(1) I16(2) L9 AC 11 HP 7 Mov 25 Init +1
Ref +2 Fort +1 Will -1 Crit 1d10/II Luck Die D3
{Backstab 0 Sneak 4 Hide 2 Pick Pockets 4}
{Climb 4 Pick Locks 2 Find Traps 3 Disable Traps 2 Forge 4}
{Disguise -1 Read Lang 2 Handle Poison 0 Spell/Scroll D12+2}
Lang: Neutral, cant, halfling
Glad scale mail (+/-3) (not worn) Glad 2H Sword (1d10)
Backpack, Flask, Badger Pelt, Skin Cloak, 20sp, 65 cp

Kettering (RIP) skewered on a Kith Spear
Leibgott (RIP) Asphyxiated on his own blood
Thelonious (RIP) - Kith spear through his tiny halfling heart

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