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Ran DCC #67 Last Night

Posted: Sat Jun 23, 2012 11:27 am
by Black Dougal
I ran 4 new players through "Sailors on the Starless Sea" last night (6/22/2012). I had a great time and so did the players. There was much death and carnage. I killed 8 our of 16 characters.

I ran through character creation at the table before starting. The players didn't really like the 3d6 in order and the rest of the randomness of character creation, but the characters which they ended up with were interesting. If I run the game for this group as a campaign, I will probably houserule the character creation to make it less random. I will probably end up with happier players that way. I like the randomness, but it is not for everyone.

The thing in the Charnel House caused the first PC death and there was a trail of 0-level PCs left though the rest of the dungeon. I was a little disappointed in the use of a hen to appease the thing in the water. I was hoping to use the tentacles against the PCs, but their clever solution saved them. The fight at the ziggurat was quite bloody, but the PCs were eventually victorious!

A great time was had by all. I hope that the group will be interested in playing DCCRPG again.