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PostPosted: Tue Sep 18, 2012 3:48 am 
Cold-Hearted Immortal
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Here's a couple of tables I whipped up, because the "roll a d30" method could lead to some potentially pretty useless results.

Randomly determine Wizard / Elf spells at level 1

Wizard: roll 1d5: 1 = 3 offense, 1 defense; 2 = 2 offense, 1 defense, 1 utility; 3 = 2 offense, 2 utility; 4 = 1 offense, 2 defense, 1 utility; 5 = 2 defense, 2 utility.
Elf: roll 1d3: 1 = 1 offense, 2 defense; 2 = 1 offense, 1 defense, 1 utility; 3 = 1 defense, 2 utility.

[Alternatively, roll based on alignment for Wizards: Lawful = 1 offense, 2 defense, 1 utility; Neutral 1 offense, 1 defense, 2 utility; Chaotic = 2 offense, 1 defense, 1 utility.]

1. Chill Touch
2. Choking Cloud
3. Color Spray
4. Flaming Hands
5. Magic Missile
6. Sleep

1. Charm Person
2. Ekim’s Mystical Mask
3. Enlarge
4. Feather Fall
5. Force Manipulation
6. Magic Shield
7. Spider Climb
8. Ward Portal

1. Animal Summoning
2. Cantrip
3. Comprehend Languages
4. Detect Magic
5. Find Familiar
6. Mending
7. Patron Bond & Invoke Patron*
8. Read Magic
9. Ropework
10. Runic Alphabet, Mortal
11. Ventriloquism
12. Patron Spell**

*: If Patron Bond is rolled, Invoke Patron may be learned automatically as the next spell. If already known (e.g., if character is an elf), the result is a Patron Spell.
**: If Patron Spell is rolled, but Patron Bond/Invoke Patron are unknown, simply re-roll.

Randomly determine Cleric spells at level 1

Roll 1d3: 1 = 3 combat, 1 non-combat; 2 = 2 combat, 2 non-combat; 3 = 1 combat, 3 non-combat.

[Alternatively, roll based on Alignment: Lawful = 1 combat, 3 non-combat; Neutral = 2 combat, 2 non-combat; Chaotic = 3 combat, 1 non-combat.]

1. Blessing
2. Darkness
3. Paralysis
4. Protection from Evil
5. Resist Cold or Heat
6. Word of Command

1. Detect Evil
2. Detect Magic
3. Food of the Gods
4. Holy Sanctuary
5. Second Sight

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 18, 2012 9:24 am 
Wild-Eyed Zealot
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I did something similar when my group hit first level, plus I allowed them to pick one spell. But I reduced the number of spells they were able to learn to 3 as a trade off (and also as incentive to keep looking for more spell formulae). I also did not allow them to pick either Patron spell (further incentive to seek out more formulae). Plus, we are all completely new to the system, so the reduced spell count gave us an adventure to sort of ease into the magic system.

Also, don't forget that a seemingly useless spell can still be nice if the mercurial magic roll comes up with a good result. I had a character get spider climb - generally a useful spell, but with limited applications. However, his mercurial magic roll came up an 81, Terrible to Behold, with the follow-up roll indicating that the aspect of his patron towers over his head when he casts it. He does not have a patron yet, so I ruled that a huge shadowy spider shape phases into reality over his head when he casts it. Later in the adventure, he cast that spell when the party ran into some hobgoblins, forcing them to make a moral check to keep fighting!

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 18, 2012 8:38 pm 
Deft-Handed Cutpurse
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Hey Beermotor, this is a nice idea! I may give it a try with my group and see how they like it. The only thing that rubs me the wrong way (ever so slightly) is a PC starting at 1st lvl with a patron spell. I kind of like the idea of the patron giving some assignment/quest in order to prove he/she is worthy for such a boon. That's just a minor quip on my part. All-in-all it's a really cool idea. Thanks!

Terry Olson

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 18, 2012 9:15 pm 
Steely-Eyed Heathen-Slayer
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I'm on the verge of starting my homebrew, we're setting up the date now. I've got a few spellbooks and even a couple of patron books that could be found during the funnel adventure, although I admit that none will be an easy find and some might cost lives to get to. The point is: I think I'll let the players roll randomly for their spells, but I'll of course allow them to pick the ones they have found, if any, during the funnel.

I also plan on implementing a house rule that allows a PC to change a spell for another he finds, if he spends enough down time studying/praying. (say, a few weeks for example.) This few weeks time requirement prevents the constant switch between spells by the caster, but still allows the PC to ditch a spell he doesn't like or for which the mercurial effect might be troublesome if he finds something else. Wizards are likely not to find spells very frequently, and a cleric switching spells often could tire his god, so I don't think that this will be abused, it will simply be a way to change the occasional bummer spell that the player doesn't use.

Otherwise, cool table there beermotor. I don't know if I'll use it yet. I might wait until I see if the PCs find one or more spellbooks in the funnel.

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Brother Sufferus, level 4 cleric, STR 13 (+1) AGI 15 (+1) STA 11 PER 13 (+1) INT 10 LUCK 9, AC: 11 (13 if wounded, 15 if down to half hit points), Refl: +3 Fort: +2 Will: +3, chaotic, Robe of the Faith, Scourge of the Maimed One, Darts of Pain.

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