Homebrew class: Mer-folk of Atlanta

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Homebrew class: Mer-folk of Atlanta

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Originally posted this up in the rules forum, but i guess that might not be correct. Wasnt sure if a character class was considered "homebrew".
I Used this class for my regular DCC group game, but this is more of an MCC version of the class, the difference is mostly just in names and terminology used.

Occupations: 1d5
1. Mer-folk kelp farmer | trident | kelp filled giant clam
2. Mer-folk animal husbandres | crook(as stave) | sea-horse/seal/sea pig
3. Mer-folk performer | short sword | hymnal book/instrument
4. Mer-folk man-at-arms | Halberd | leather armor
5. Mer-folk scholar | dagger | alchemy kit & "sea blood"(1hp heal potion)

Background lore:
The Mer-folk of Atlanta are a prideful lot, lamenting the loss of their homeland. Always searching for the elusive lands of Atlanta. A nomadic people for the most part, being owed to the loss of their great royal family generations ago.

When encountered it is always because they are on the move, looking for work, or in search of a new home. Few are found above the waves, and when this does occur, they generally are looking for aid in boon companions. Mer-folk are a mystic people spinning songs of arcane beauty, as well as being terrifying combatants.

The crunchy information:
Hit Dice: D6

Weapons training:Atlanteen Mer-folk are very skilled with the Trident, any number of Polearms, the Halberd♤, Nets, Daggers, as well as Long or Short swords. It is rare that armor is worn because it has the tendency to slow them down, when they do wear armors, it will commonly be a lighter fair, mostly leathers or hides of sea creatures. However, protective belts & harnesses, shields, and helms are quite practical and fashionable options. The most magnificent armors known are from craftsman making scale mail from the scales of giant dragon sea turtles. These suits were passed down along long lineages or sadly lost to the tides of time. Because the Mer-folk Sea Song is auditory in nature, armor check penalties do not factor into a Sea Song check roll.
Halberds may be used 1 or 2 handed doing either 1d6 or 2d5 respectively.

Alignment: A Lawful people by birth, accustomed to strict monarch rule. The More nomadic of the species are neutral , following the whims of the changing tides. The most chaotic of the race are land lovers commonly seen on dry land.

Darkvision: Sight up to 120' in low or no light.

Aquatic: On land, Mer-folk skin dries and they become slightly lethargic their movement slowing from 30' to 20'. While underwater Mer-folk can swim 60' and receive an additional D14 action die.

Resistances: Related to their level(1 point of cold resistance per level), Mer-folk are accustomed to the cooler temperatures experienced in the underwater deeps.

Languages: A 1st level Mer-folk will know Common, Bubble speak; the language of Aquatic intelligent life, as well a 1 additional language per intelligence modifier.

Luck: 1st level Mer-folk luck modifier applies to thier cold resistance (Int. Mod x2), and checks when doing Sea Song.

Sea Song: The songs of the deep sung by Mer-folk are passed down from generation to generation. Table:MA-1 for list of songs by level. Sea Songs do not have a corruption effect associated with them, however they may still be lost & misfired however. Manifestation and mercurial effects are rolled as a Wizard. Select 1 song per level from the Table:MA-1. At higher levels you may select a lower level song as a pick. Mer-folk do not get bonus songs for exceptional attribute scores. The check for Sea Song is Mer-folk level + Personality Mod + Action Die.

Action Dice: Action dice may be used for attacking or to make a Sea Song check, However, Only the Primary Action die may be used for a Sea Song check.

Table MA-1:
1 | Ventriloquism or Cantrip
2 | Charm Person
3 | Animal Summoning or Sleep
4 | Magic Missile
5 | Forget or Magic Mouth
6 | Spider Web
7 | Scare or Water/Air Breathing*
8 | Lightning bolt or Slow or Haste
9 | Dispell Magic
10 | Breath of Life
*Air breathing can temporarily negate the Mer-folks out of water vulnerability.

Table MA-2:
1 | 1D8/I | D20 | +0 / +1 / +1
2 | 1D8/I | D20 | +0 / +1 / +1
3 | 1D8/I | D20 | +1 / +1 / +2
4 | 1D8/II | D20 | +1 / +2 / +2
5 | 1D10/II | D20 + D14 | +1 / +2 / +3
6 | 1D10/II | D20 + D16 | +2 / +2 / +4
7 | 1D12/II | D20 + D20 | +2 / +3 / +4
8 | 1D14/II | D20 + D20 | +2 / +3 / +5
9 | 1D16/II | D20 + D20 | +3 / +3 / +5
10 | 1D20/II | D20 + D20 + D14 | +3 / +4 / +6

Hope you like.
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