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Fantastic Deaths

Post by losloris » Wed Jan 18, 2017 3:25 am

Have you had any?

Khalil just suffered one in DCC 30, when the door opened, the ice Basalisk froze a few of us, and, one of the bad guys had a massive hammer designed specifically to smash frozen opponents. I thought that was a brilliant 'trap', tho Khalil is still not talking to me.

Years ago we were hunting a nasty necromancer who buzzed around in a flying boat manned by skeletons. As it buzzed passed us our spell caster nailed it with a summon lightning, a spell iirc you have to keep concentrating on. The caster hid behind a tree with a sub mantra of 'gonna bring it down, gonna bring it diwn'. Briefly, we battled skeletons that came down by rope and zapped the necromancer. All looked good, so Allsterkr Novgorod climbed up the rope to check out the boat. He got into the cabin just as the Spellcaster, who was elsewise oblivious to everything, popped from around the tree, summoned more lightning, and rolled the biggest set of "8"s I have ever seen.

Honourable mention goes to the fighter Calorie, who rolled poorly while navigating the hot water pool in the bottom of the Volcano caves, got battered by the lava fish, could not at all grab the help line (despite very generous offers by the DM) and drowned while Dorminder and Khalil looked on helplessly.


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Re: Fantastic Deaths

Post by Zorrah » Thu Jul 27, 2017 11:32 pm

Just did a funnel where I had some beauty and the beast inspired animated objects. A tea cup with high ground crit a level 0 character when he poured boiling tea on him.

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Re: Fantastic Deaths

Post by thogard » Fri Jul 28, 2017 6:46 am

Chester the Red Wizard! After having mightily spellburned (maxed Charm in the One Who Watches From Below), Chester soon afterward failed a DC 5 Agility check and fell off a pyramid to his death.

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