New Class: Boggard Warrior [Looking for input]

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New Class: Boggard Warrior [Looking for input]

Post by nightmare0wolf » Tue Nov 15, 2016 9:41 am

I'm looking for input on a new class I'm designing: The Boggard Warrior.
The class concept is a less effective fighter, with lots of utility based on their frog features.
A low-level Boggard Warrior would be a weaker fighter, who would try to outsmart enemies with a few surprising skills.
A high-level Boggard Warrior would be full of deadly and unpredictable manouvers who excel at spreading havoc and fear on the battlefield, able to support the entire party with effective tactics and still deal considerable damage.

Hit Die: D8
Deed die & Mighty Deed of Arms Like Dwarf
Movement: 20' (awkward legs)

- Bite as a secondary melee attack.
- Using Tongue for short-ranged actions - like disarming, stealing, distracting or dealing 1d2 damange.
That's a main feature: the Boggard would be able to fight someone on melee while stealing the Quiver from an enemy archer.
Or disarm an enemy orc who was about to strike an ally wizard.

Boggard Warriors learn to control over their own body functions and anatomy in special manners, which allow them to perform weird combat manouvers.
Those skills would function as Spells, rolling 1d20 + Stamina + Character level, and comparing against a table with results.
Some Metamorphosis skills include:
- Making their skin harder or full of spikes;
- Inflating - which would allow them to Scare enemies;
- Screaming - filling up with air and then releasing it all at once, pushing enemies back and destroying glass containers;
- Making their skin poisonous - they could the poison to make poisonous darts or leave it in their skins, so enemies have to make a Save of suffer penalties when they attack the Boggard;

Other features:
- Darkvision;
- 360 degree eyes - Immunity to backstabbing and surprise attacks (except for invisible creatures);
- Vulnerability to Fire-based damage;

Things I'm pondering upon:
- Swallow: On a successful Bite strike (and maybe with a Deed Dice or Metamorphosis opposed check), the Boggard would be able to swallow creatures up to his size.

He wouldn't deal any damage to the swallowed creature and the swallowed creature would still be able to damage him from the inside.
It still brings many interesting possibilities: Swallowing a disarmed opponent, effectively rendering him out of combat until it's over. Prohibiting certain characters to target wizards on the back line, etc.

- Leap and Leap Charge: The Boggard would be able to just 3x their move speed. The issue here is balancing: Should this leap take a full round or just a move action? Should it provoke Opportunity Attacks where the Boggard lands?

The Leap charge would give him -4 AC and +4 Hit. Is it too much?

- Stealth and Steal skills, like Halflings - and maybe even a special Camouflage Metamorphosis skill.
Sounds like a cool feature, but it can overshadow Halflings and Rogues completely. And, maybe, that's giving too much features for a single class;

- Reflex Save: Not sure if it should be good or bad;

- Removing or limiting Mighty Deed of Arms. I'm afraid their Metamorphosis could make them unbalanced against Dwarves.

- Whether the Metamorphosis should really be based on their CON.
It makes sense, but maybe gives too much usefulness for a single atribute. So, maybe, it should be based on Intelligence.

- Limiting Metamorphosis: A viable option to retain "overpowered" possibilities is to create different boggard sub-races.
They would function as archetypes:
The Big and Sturdy Boggard Warrior who would swallow enemies and retain the skin-thickening and screaming skills, while losing the other Metamorphosis skills;
The fragile and weak Boggard Warrior who could conserve poison metamorphosis and gain the Stealth class skill;
The Agressive Boggard who would retain both the Poison and Screaming skills;

My players ended up allying themselves to a group of Boggards, who are silently building underground swamps under a desert - which they would later flood, banishing the Desert Demon.

The characters are really far from any civilization, which means they'll have to pick a Boggard character if they die.

There's just going to have 2 classes: Boggard Shaman and Warrior. The Shaman is just going to be an Elf variant, but I saw lots of interesting possibilities to the Boggard Warrior. Feel free to comment and suggest improvements as much as you want :)

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Re: New Class: Boggard Warrior [Looking for input]

Post by GnomeBoy » Wed Nov 16, 2016 3:50 pm

There is ...a lot going on there...

I don't know where "Boggards" are from, but maybe try to adapt them a bit more... focus down what they can and can't do, or make variants that have different abilities. If they have ALL of the stuff, they're going to steal a lot of thunder from other Classes...
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