The Treeperson Version 2

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The Treeperson Version 2

Post by FLP » Sun Sep 04, 2016 10:17 am

Hey guys, I got some suggestions for the Treeperson and I made a new version of it. If you guys have any more suggestions, please tell me I love to make my classes better :) I hope you guys enjoy the Treeperson Version 2! ... sp=sharing

1. no longer has vulnerability to fire
2. only a +1 bonus to AC from the ability Bark
3. Higher dies for the ability Intimidate and revised the wording a little
4. The ability Shielding is now called Deflection
5. The ability Shielding (Deflection) now does not burn stamina to use
6. Added trait: Deflection Points
7. Reworded the Weapon Training section

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Re: The Treeperson Version 2

Post by BanjoJohn » Sun Sep 04, 2016 11:48 am

So I was thinking, for the deflection dice, how about doing 1d2 instead of 1d3-1? Your example of spending 2 points letting you roll 2d3-1 doesnt seem quite right, it should be 2d3-2 based on the logic of 1d3-1 for each point. It would mechanically be a little better to have it be 1d2 than 1d3-1 for multiple points spent.

I would try to make the intimidate mechanics a little easier.

Here is how I would write it out, but again its your class so you can do things how you like. But maybe you'll like my idea, anyhoo here it is so you can think about it.

" Every time a Treeperson makes an attack, roll your Intimidation Die to determine how many opponents your Treeman can attempt to Intimidate. Every target of Intimidation rolls a Will save vs your Attack Roll as the DC. Every foe who has been Intimidated must attack the Treeperson if they are able to, or spend their entire movement getting closer to the Treeperson."

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