Half-Orc (Myria Campaign)

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Half-Orc (Myria Campaign)

Post by Troll_Mage » Mon Jul 30, 2012 11:43 am

Been having a lot of fun running my DCC RPG games, been thinking of providing some additional playable character classs for my players. The first character class link is the half-orc. I strived to keep it balanced versus dwarf and warrior, and basically aside from the flavor it should be on par with them. If anyone wants to review and give me unbiased assessment I would great appreciate it.

thank you

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Re: Half-Orc (Myria Campaign)

Post by TheNobleDrake » Mon Jul 30, 2012 8:12 pm

Two things stick out to me from the initial read:

First - you have a note that the half-orc re-rolls his Deed/Attack die with each attack made... that is directly counter to the way that the Deed/Attack die works for dwarf and warrior characters, and increases the number of Deeds the half-orc can attempt in a round a higher levels. I would suggest against that, strongly, because I feel there has to be a reason the rule didn't go that way after all the play testing that was done for DCC.

Second - Bloody Focus. It is better at low levels than it is at higher levels because the trade-off scales perfectly with the benefit... but your typical bonuses to AC doesn't, so while 1-3 AC for an extra 1-3 damage at level 1 is a neat idea that is probably worth it in some situations... losing the entire bonus of your plate mail armor, or even more than that, at 6th or higher level is a terrible thing to choose to do, especially since your opponent has to be wounded first so you are really just upping your chance of mopping up the injured, not taking on a full-strength threat.

I'd suggest a flat penalty to AC so that you always sacrifice defense for offense, but you at least get better at doing so when you get higher level.

Other than that, the class seems really solid to me.

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