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 Post subject: Alternate Demihuman classes?
PostPosted: Thu Apr 17, 2014 9:37 am 
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So, I love the old school feel of the DCC characters, and yet I can't help but wish for a bit more variety in the elf, dwarf and halfling classes.

Examples with no or only generally described mechanics:

Dwarven Cleric: Uses standard dwarf level table, although the Attack bonus does not count as a Deed die (see below). but has more severe restrictions on healing, and spells they can cast. Generally spells are combat oriented and straightforward although causing fear in enemies could also be a staple. Healing can only be done for dwarves, and only if the cleric has seen the character to be healed do something strongly aligned with the god he serves, otherwise they risk their god's disapproval. Perhaps gains an attack bonus against a specific enemy to the dwarven god he serves. Loses Mighty Deeds at Arms and Sword and Board. Therefore the deed die is only used to determine the attack bonus and damage rolls. Can only use melee weapons. In a battle that lasts a certain number of rounds, MUST attempt to attack at least one foe with a weapon and not spells, otherwise their chance of disapproval goes up as for a failed spell check. Additional action dice may be used for either attacks or spell checks.

Elf Woodsman: Better with bow and arrow than a fighter (possibly two attack bonuses, the normal elf one for melee and a higher one for bow and arrows). Ability to easily make natural traps and hunt game or find food/water. Tracking and the ability to hide the party's tracks. Very limited, or even no magical ability. Has ability to befriend animals and even communicate with them to some extent. If able to cast spells, all spells should have something to do with nature or animal summoning.

Halfling Illusionist: Still has the stealth and good luck charm abilities, but loses the two weapon fighting ability. Gains spells as an Elf. Can only use extra action dice for spell checks. Can even create simple illusions without magic (tricks, sleight of hand, sounds, visuals) given enough time. For instance, knows how to create a reasonable facsimile of steps in the woods given a few suspended rocks over fragile branches, and a way to trigger them so they fall sequentially. These simple illusions can't last more than a couple of seconds, but might distract an enemy so that they lose an action die, or in non-combat, go off in a different direction than where they were intending.
Their spells would be only those that trick the enemy or alter their senses, and perhaps some defensive spells, but with either less chance of failure or a bonus in casting due to them being more subtle in nature and especially attuned to halfling natures.

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