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Races of Outland

Post by Aplus » Sat May 12, 2012 8:34 am

I've put together a document listing all the PC races in my home setting of Outland. It is written with LBB-only OD&D in mind, but would be very easy to use with DCC by doing the following:

1. Ignore any indication of race in Table 1-3: Occupation (e.g. "Elven Glassblower" becomes simply "Glassblower")
2. Use only the four core human classes. Optionally, the Elf can still be used, but as a generic Fighter/Mage of a non-specific race.

Other considerations:
Some of my racial descriptions and notes regarding their abilities are ambiguous. This is by design. I prefer to keep things subjective, and I run my games with a lot of player/DM negotiation rather than rules-lookup.

There are references to other rules that I use in my game, like figuring out technological artifacts. I use a system that is a slightly modified version of the system included in The Expedition to the Barrier Peaks, if you are familiar with that. If not, just fall back on what I call the "good-at system". All you really need to know is that a character is good at something, and the DM can convert that into an appropriate bonus or whatever on the fly.

Okay, enough banter, here is the document:
Races of Outland
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