Mercurial roll when using a magic item to cast a spell?

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Mercurial roll when using a magic item to cast a spell?

Post by cavetroll »

I will soon be running my first DCC game! I'll be using a popular funnel module which contains a magic ring that allows any PC to attempt to cast some arcane spells like magic missile. So I'm wondering, should I have the caster roll for mercurial effects? Cuz from the rules, it appears that wizards (and elves?) would normally make their mercurial roll when they learn a new spell, but in this case they're not actually learning a spell, just casting from an item, so I wasn't sure. I realize its my game and I can just make the call myself, but I'm curious if there's a standard or "official" answer. Thanks.
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Re: Mercurial roll when using a magic item to cast a spell?

Post by GnomeBoy »

You could decide that the item has an inherent Mercurial effect.

The idea with MM is that you know Magic Missile, I know Magic Missile, and Bob knows Magic Missile -- but we each have a different version under our belts. If Bob teaches his version to Mary, she'll cast it with his MM effect OR with a new effect because she can't quite do it the way Bob does (six-fingered devil that he is...).

I think having a Mercurial effect for an item brings a lot of distinction to an item. It's not run-of-the-mill...
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