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 Post subject: Magical armor & shields
PostPosted: Thu Feb 23, 2017 8:29 pm 

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i was thinking of generating random magical armor using a table similar to the sword magic spell with the following as the different powers. i would love some feedback on the powers (most of them borrowed and modified straight from 3.5). any that seem too powerful for their category, any that would be better suited for another category, even powers you guys think i should add.

Type 1 powers:(minor magic, cosmetic, cantrips):
Agility: +1 reflex saves
Anchoring: cannot be moved easily (+3) avoid being moved against will
Balance: wearer has +3 to any attempt to balance or remain standing
Bane blind: 1/day become impercivable to a bane (roll randomly)
Sapphire shine: armor does not rust & is immune to acid damage
Buoyant: armor does not impead swimming
Commander: gain +2 on all personality rolls
Daylight: glows for 1d4x10 minutes /day with true daylight
Easy travel: weighs nothing, wearer can walk for 10 consecutive hours without tiring, is never winded after running
Landing: fall safely up to 2d3x10 feet, land on feet
Masking: cannot be add scryed on or detected magically
Mind block: +2 resist mind affecting spells & abilities 1d3/day
Nimble: the penalty of this armor is reduced by 2
Quick: wearer gains 5' movement speed
Stamina: +1 fortitude saves
Twighlight: spells can be cast in this armor
Varriable: this armor resizes to fit wearer, no matter the race

Type 2 powers:(combat power, damage dealing)
Acidic: touching this armour causes 2d4 acid to anyone grappling or holding on
Axe block: weapons that slash deal 3 less damage to wearer
Blurry: wearer can become hard to hit (30% miss chance) 1d3 times/day for 3 rounds
Death ward: ignore one necromantic spell or affect a day, undead deal 3 less damage
Displacement: wearing this makes wearer appear to be standing next to actual location for 5 rounds/day
Energy resistant: randomly determine a energy type, damage from this energy does 3 less
Gilled: wearer can breathe under water, does not help swimming
Magic eater: when a spell hits the wearer and they succeed on the saving throw, this armor heals the wearer for 1 point per spell level.
Retaliation: if wearer is hit by critical then the attacker takes 1d6, if the wearer is killed the attacker takes 1d6 per wearers level
Spearblock: piercing weapons deal 3 less

Type 3 powers:(magical, emulate spells)
Teleporting: teleport 2d4x100' 1d3/day. must be able to see destination clearly
Averter: enemies within 1d3x10 ft must make DC 14 will save or be unable to look at wearer for 3 rounds, 1d3/day
Blinking: 1/day wearer phases between material and ethereal planes for 1d6 rounds
Summoned: armor appears on owner if command is spoken, appears near if already wearing armor, does not work if someone else has put it on.
Freedom: cannot be bound or entangled while wearing
Healing: armor can heal 1HD of its wearer 1d3+1/day
Radiant: armor can absorb 6 points of any energy damage each round, glowing for one round for each damage absorbed, cumulative.
Roaring: reflects ranged attacks that would deal 3 or less damage, roars when battle is about to happen, granting +3 initiative to all allies in earshot
Speed: grants wearer extra action die (d16), and 10' movement
Time buttress: for 1 round/day wearer is immune to all attacks, spells, and powers
Vanishing: wearer becomes invisible and inaudible for 3 minutes or until they attack or cast a spell, usable 1/day

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