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 Post subject: Spell Cards
PostPosted: Sat Jul 16, 2016 3:25 am 
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I've been playing 5E some in the game store, and many of the spell-casting character classes have these little spell cards roughly the size of a baseball card or playing card.

I would like to see this concept done by Goodman Games for DCC RPG.

I've talked to many gamers over the years about DCC RPG and they love the game as it's explained to them. They love the artwork. They love the vibe of the game, and its roots in Appendix N. The two issues that always seem to pop up are (1) the funky dice, and (2) the sheer number of tables to reference. Clearly the dice issue is an easy fix, as Goodman offers options and other types can be "faked" as needed by using traditional polyhedral sets. The issue of tables is still out there, however, and is harder to deal with.

I would like to see professionally printed spell cards, each 8.5x11" with one spell on each card. (I'm assuming single-sided since most spells can be done on a single sheet of paper. If we could have double sided each could be half that size.) If they can't be printed professionally, someone needs to go through a decent layout and put together a PDF so that a person can print their own on cardstock.

I know that this is an idea which was discussed years ago, but I thought it was time to revive it. 8)

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 Post subject: Re: Spell Cards
PostPosted: Mon Aug 01, 2016 4:58 pm 
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Try [url][/url] scroll down to spells. I don't know if that has them all, or just "most"

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 Post subject: Re: Spell Cards
PostPosted: Tue Aug 02, 2016 12:32 am 
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DCCRPG's spells are so much .........more than D&D's. It would be harder to do.

That said some quality old school artwork on one side and all the Spell chart information on the other side of a larger (double sized) card would be awesome!

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