Patron: Crimson Anagalis

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Patron: Crimson Anagalis

Post by lithui » Fri Nov 16, 2012 11:56 am

Crimson Anagalis (the Repentant Collector)

Crimson Anagalis was a powerful servitor of one of the Powers of Law,
dedicated to the study and classification of life in all its variations
across the multiverse.  Eons ago, it succumbed to the thrill of collecting,
and began to intervene in various worlds. Myriads of unique creatures were
abducted.  They were held in timeless bondage in a supernaturally vast
museum in the Crimson Dimension.  When its crimes were finally discovered,
Crimson Anagalis was bound by its master within a million enchanted Chains
of Sorrow, the uncountable links of which represent its victims.

To redeem itself, Crimson Anagalis acts as Patron to a network of Lawful
agents across many worlds and times.  With its help, the agents release
innocent captives from servitude or imprisonment.  For each such freedom
restored, one of its million chains shortens by one link.

Agents gain a red mark of two interlocking circles on their brow.  They
must leave a sign (a broken red chain-link) behind for every escape they
arrange, to warn slavers and captors that they cannot prevail.  The
Repentant Collector frowns upon slaughter, preferring to work by subtlety
and reputation: every captor who gives up what they do will shorten the
Chains of Sorrow by a hundred links.

Special note: Wherever Crimson Anagalis finds agents, its enemy Byvellum
the Hivemind will follow.  Byvellum, a paragon of extreme Law who works for
the total destruction and overthrow of Chaos, will attempt to become a Patron
of any opponents of those who follow Crimson Anagalis.  His message is that the
magics granted by Crimson Anagalis are focussed on deception and lies, and
that Crimson Anagalis is in fact a facade, a cunning figurehead who gets
Lawful beings to act Chaotically, while leaving their enemies alive to
carry on their work rather than slaying them.

The sage Velfis noted that Byvellum’s own patron spells (of wanton confusion
and destruction) could themselves be regarded as sowing Chaos, and that
both Patrons may be different facades of the same cunning power of Chaos,
sowing dissension amongst the ranks of the Lawful.  Velfis disappeared in
mysterious circumstances shortly after pointing this out, and has not been
seen since....

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Re: Patron: Crimson Anagalis

Post by lithui » Fri Nov 16, 2012 12:01 pm

Crimson Anagalis Patron Spells: Infiltrate, Bamboozle, Dopplegang

Level 1: Infiltrate    The recipient seems to be a perfectly normal resident,
belonging to the area and fitting into the situation.

Level 2: Bamboozle: The recipient gains the ability to talk convincingly
and fast.

Level 3: Dopplegang: The recipient changes shape and appearance into a copy
of some other being.

Invoke Patron: Anagalis frees bizarre creatures from its vast zoo in the
Crimson Dimension to appear and assist the agent.

Spellburn: 1 – immoveable heavy crimson chains appear, weighing down the
caster, gradually dwindling over time; 2 – tendons and muscles break free
within the caster’s body, 3 – blood gushes out of the caster’s nose and
ears, forming into a crimson blob and running away

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Re: Patron: Crimson Anagalis

Post by lithui » Fri Nov 16, 2012 12:04 pm

Patron Taint: Freedom (see below) may be granted to some part of the
caster’s body.  Roll on the Freedoms table and on the Independent Parts

If a part gains all four Freedoms, it becomes an independent 0 Level
character, and capable of earning experience and levels in some class.

Independent Parts table.  Roll d12:

1 finger from hand
2 hand from arm
3 arm from torso
4 eye from head
5 toe from foot
6 foot from leg
7 leg from torso
8 torso from head
9-12 a part which already has one or more of the Freedoms is rolled for
again on the Freedoms table.  If several parts qualify, determine one
randomly. If none qualify, a random piece of clothing worn by the wizard
removes itself and runs or flies away for 10 rounds.

Freedoms: roll d6
1 – of movement: the body part is no longer under direct control of the
caster, who must give it verbal instructions.  The part will avoid
discomfort or pain by responding automatically. It gains Strength, Agility
and Stamina scores of its own in proportion to its size in comparison to
that of its previous owner.
2 – of purpose: the body part has its own mission in life.  It gains 3d6
Int, Per and Luck.  Use table 8-6 Sword Special Purpose or something
appropriate to the campaign history and situation.
3 – of sense: the body part gains a face and can see, hear and talk.
4 – of connection: the body part can be freely removed and reattached.
5 – roll twice again using d4
6 – all of Freedoms 1 through 4 are granted

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Re: Patron: Crimson Anagalis

Post by ragboy » Fri Nov 16, 2012 12:08 pm

Wow. This is very impressive.
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Re: Patron: Crimson Anagalis

Post by lithui » Sun Nov 18, 2012 9:45 am

Thanks. I'm running my first DCC campaign and needed some more patrons. If anyone's interested in the spells and Invoke Patron full details, I can post them here when I've studied how the tables work and thought out some effects.

Or if anyone has ideas on what they might expand to, I'd be very happy to hear...

If this isn't a proper Appendix N type patron, that feedback would be nice to know too, so my next one could be better.

cheers, Ash

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