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PostPosted: Mon Dec 12, 2016 4:43 pm 
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I totally get race-as-class. I just think things would be a bit more fun if demi-humans had more than once choice per race. The idea that the whole race is a class makes sense according to a theory of archetypes, but when people go to roll-up characters, the problem is that they have no class choice if their background comes up with a race. The DCC character creation process is streamlined enough, and this sort of thing can make players a teensy bit sad.

My solution is to give each race an alternative class, different from any existing class. Just as with the current demi-human classes, they are tweaked versions of human classes. I thought I'd share them here, see if anyone has an opinion or just wants to steal my ideas (feel free).

My alternative Dwarf class is the Dwarfish Runepriest (the primary class being re-titled as the Dwarfish Warlord). The Rune Priest is similar to a Cleric, but for the following changes:

- one fewer Cleric spell slot per level
- no turn unholy or request divine intervention
- select one Wizard spell per level (and possibly quest for it); cast as a Wizard but replace miscast/corruption as disapproval and deity request
- +1d for initiative and damage when using two-handed weapons

For Elves, the primary class is now called the Elvish Warlock, and the new class is the Elvish Ranger. The Ranger is basically a Warrior/Thief hybrid with a d8 hit die. His combat stats are almost at the level of fighter, but each Ranger can only get these bonuses with two weapons that the player selects at character creation time. Otherwise, he fights as a Thief. As for Thief skills, he lacks a couple of them (like forgery), and most of his modifiers are inferior. However, the Ranger has a good Bushcraft skill (used for tracking, survival, and replacing other Thief skills when used in the wilderness), and Set Traps. They also replace Read Languages with Speak Languages, because Rangers are sent as agents of the elves out in the rest of the world.

I replaced Halflings entirely with Goblins in my campaign. Goblins are shady but (usually) non-violent in my world. "Halfling" is considered a terrible insult by most Goblins.

The core Halfling class is now called the Git, a rare example of a violent Goblin thug. The new Goblin class is called the Gremlin, and he is most similar to a Wizard (same hit points and combat abilities). The changes are as follows:

- has four Thief skills: Move Silently, Hide in Shadows, Pick Pocket and Disguise Self
- can use Luck like a Halfling
- can't spellburn, but they can use their Luck for magic
- same spell progression as Elves
- can learn certain spells (deception and transformation) without having to find or research them
- at the cost of two consecutive action dice, may cast a spell stealthily (won't ruin stealth and can even conceal a casting in plain sight if a Move Silently roll is made)

That's it! In fairness, if a player with a human character wanted to be a ranger, I'd probably let him. It's not distinctly elvish, but I thought it would be a good fit. The other two are race-exclusive, though. Thoughts and feelings?

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 21, 2017 7:27 pm 
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Excellent ideas, consider them snagged!

Ancient Vaults & Eldritch Secrets- an oldschool blog.

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 21, 2017 9:07 pm 
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This may be heresy, but as a judge, life is to short to make players play a character they don't want to play. If someone in my game rolls up a dwarf and they have the stats to back up being a great cleric, I let them be a dwarf cleric, or whatever else their stats incline them to. There are plenty of dwarven gods that must have disciples somewhere.

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