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PostPosted: Sun Oct 28, 2012 9:07 pm 
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Diminutive Init+0; Atk tentacle -2 melee (1d3), or psychic blast +1 missile fire (1d3 Int damage, range 5’) (1d3); AC 10; HD 1d4; MV 20’ (flight) Act 1d16; SP special (see below) SV Fort +1, Ref +0, Will +2; AL C.

Small Init+1; Atk tentacle +0 melee (1d4+2), or psychic blast +2 missile fire (1d4 Int damage, range 10’); AC 13; HD 4d4 MV 30’ (flight) Act 1d20; SP special (see below) SV Fort +3, Ref +2, Will +4; AL C.

Average Init+2; Atk tentacle +4 melee (1d6+4), or psychic blast +4 missile fire (1d6 Int damage, range 20’); AC 16; HD 8d4+1 MV 40’ (flight) Act 1d20; SP special (see below) SV Fort +7, Ref +4, Will +8; AL C.

Huge Init+3; Atk tentacle +8 melee (2d6+8), or psychic blast +6 missile fire (2d4 Int damage, range 40’); AC 18; HD 12d6+8 MV 50’ (flight) Act 2d20; SP special (see below) SV Fort +10, Ref +6, Will +12; AL C.

Colossal Init+4; Atk tentacle +12 melee (4d6+10), or psychic blast +8 missile fire (3d4 Int damage, range 80’); AC 20; HD 16d8+12 MV 60’ (flight) Act 3d20; SP special (see below) SV Fort +14, Ref +8, Will +16; AL C.

The Ugly Eye is an intelligent aberration called into existence by all manner of negativity, curses, and unbridled fears that manifests as a physical entity. Ugly eyes dwell in a pocket universe born by the ugliness that overflows our mundane world where they develop over time into gargantuan horrors. The plane, which is home to the race of Ugly Eyes, is a physical plane of fears, and damnation in which pandemonium never ceases, where maelstroms of negativity entangle and constantly churn from the tides of fear and hatred that forever flow from the mundane world.

Ugly Eyes are attracted to our world through multidimensional gateways that connect the mundane world through spoken tones and energies that match the frequency of it’s home plane. The greater the negative energy the larger the wormhole, whereas the smaller or shorter the energy the smaller the entity that is capable of crossing over.

Size: Individual size varies greatly, as this is something that is dependent on the level of despair that has attracted them. Most leave their world as small new creations to enter ours where they intend to grow and feed on the raw elements that attract them. However where curses and great fears are most abundant a huge ugly eye may return to this world to grow to colossal size. On the other hand, where only one phrase of damnation or single potent fear vibrates across the worlds, only the smallest are attracted, they being no larger than a diminutive pest.

Movement: Levitation: As an extra-dimensional aberration this creature is naturally buoyant in the air, and moves by force of will and not the use of any bodily appendage.

Special Abilities:

Lamentation: Because Ugly Eyes are attracted to the source of negativity that calls to them across the planes, the first victims of an Ugly Eye are often the ones who have inadvertently summoned them. At will, by speaking in the tongue of the ‘summoner’ the Ugly Eye repeatedly chants, utters, and moans the same intonations that attracted it in a horrible verbal cacophony coming from it’s many gnashing mouths. The banality of an Ugly Eye’s lamentation is so severe (from -1 diminutive ascending to -5 colossal on all checks) that it instills terror, inhibits concentration, disorients attackers, and breaks the morale of all those that can hear it.
(This attack often perpetuates itself to greater levels of torture as those present find how quickly irritation rises to howls of pain, as their own screams are mimicked by the demonic voices that they hear. Ugly Eyes often use this ability to feed and grow larger as a single negative event turns into a discordant dirge.)

Egest: Issuing from the center of it’s levitating mass the Ugly Eye can release a terrible ooze, of primeval slime. The slime is a digestion of various negativities absorbed of the world from which this creature is born. The HD for the slime is based on the number of HD of the Ugly Eye, furthermore as the shape and size of slime varies as a rule for every 1d8 hit points a slime is about 5’x5’. The special qualities of the slime vary for each occasion of Egestion. For special qualities see Primeval Slime p.423-424 DCC RPG.

Darkness: When an Ugly Eye enters our world they bring with them an aura of the discomforts and displeasures of their home plane. At will an Ugly Eye can cause supernatural darkness (there is no visibility through it nor can it be illuminated) and some (20%) can raise/lower temperatures at ten times their HD in Fahrenheit as well. An Ugly Eye may choose to cloak themselves with this ability (effectively becoming invisible) or send it away from themselves at a distance equal to their HD in feet, the area covered by this ability is also equal to HD in feet.

Telekinesis: At will, the Ugly Eye can manipulate up to as many objects (equal to HD) of a weight in pounds (equal to the product of its HD x 100) within 10 feet of itself.

Psychic Blast: An Ugly Eye which is unwilling to engage a foe in close combat may emit a psychic blast from one of its several eyes randomly located around it’s body, a tactic learned early on in it’s home plane. The attack assaults the victim’s mind in an attempt to gain control of it causing damage to intelligence. Will save or become as an extension of the will of the Ugly Eye, until it is destroyed or departs a distance greater than 100’. Extensive damage to intelligence which reduces this characteristic to 0 or below permanently enslaves the victim under the direct control of the Ugly Eye until it dies.

Arcane Potential: the essence of magic comes and goes in mysterious places, and is known in more realms than our own mundane plane. Consequently a rare few (5%) , being the most patient, calculating, and intelligent of all Ugly Eyes learn to acquire magic through strange alliances, coercion, or clever stalking gaining 1d4+1 levels as a Wizard. Most of their race, however use their intelligence to gain power quickly and grow huge in this world so that they may return to their home plane and take up warfare for positions of sovereignty. The ones that do not follow this traditional way tend to remain in our world for ages where they never really stop learning or growing. Here they can command worship, and maintain balance and power with little effort.

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