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DCC has inspired many folks to produce their own supplements and adventures for the game. This is the place for discussion of all 3PP products for DCC RPG.

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Post by Tortog » Sat Jul 27, 2013 8:00 pm

SO... Since I have some free time I thought I'd up-date this thread with some of the critter builds I've used for the modules that I've run most recently. {EVERYTHING WAS RANDOMLY ROLLED... otherwise it wouldn't be nearly as much fun!!)

Imperishable Sorceress
(SPOILERS) Game write-up: Area 2 of this module let me highlight the sprinting rules for the CCD which the players found to their advantage when trying to escape from the mob of tribesmen in the forest. The sprinting rules made my life easier because it kept the game moving along at a good speed (one of the current group of players is a serious power-gamer :roll: ) I think he'd have tried to take out the entire tribe if the other players hadn't sprinted off towards the barrow mounds and left him behind. ... -post.html

GM map for areas 2 & 4: The red notes on area 2 indicate the intended choreography (and sprinting distances) of the different bands of militant tribesmen over the first 6 rounds. The party had sprinted to safety by round 3 or 4, and after the party was on the move up the mountain the tribesmen changed focus and became more intent on scaring the party to keep them moving. ... sp=sharing

Critters ... sp=sharing

Tower Out of Time - this one also has 3 types of basic lizardmen based upon the one in the core rules (mostly made as reference - only boss at the end was based on the primal version) as well as several versions of lizardman mutations to play the part of the troops for S'lissakk. Haven't used the elite of S'lissakk yet, but I'll be running a follow-up game soon enough. 8) ... sp=sharing

One of the neatest parts of this story was that the warrior in the group managed to get a really good magic sword that had the serpent bane property... this really saved their bacon a couple of times. It is also why I didn't hesitate to throw a few more encounters at them. Two of them along the path to the tower...

The first was with 5 of the small, transparent versions of the green spitters, which seriously freaked them out. Then at the edge of the lake, I let loose with the steel trilobites... This encounter was specifically designed to mimic area 2 of the Imperishable Sorceress because I set the models to be played back-to-back and wanted common story themes/elements. I didn't expect them to stand their ground. Though the thief who had recently acquired a magic sword that had made her turn cowardly, ran for the perceived safety of the tower using the CCD rules for running. Fortunately for the rest of the party, the mutant trilobites aren't the fastest of critters and they managed to make it to the tower in a bloodied and exhausted state. (which really wasn't that much of a problem considering the wizard has a 1st lvl spell which heals everything in a 15ft radius for 1d6+3 hp...)

Sailors on the Starless Sea & the write up for my experimental half-orc class.
So far so good, and the player really enjoyed using it. More tests as I can, but I was planning to make the final version of this class part of the revision I've been planning for the CCD. Where the warrior is mighty, clerics can heal and turn undead, and wizards play with vast arcane powers as well as the strange beings from beyond the natural world: the half-orc class is designed to be surly & burly... and to highlight the CCD mutations. Feed back welcomed :mrgreen: ... sp=sharing

We had lots of fun with these modules, and I particularly enjoyed that last one, because I got to mutate a couple of characters. I stashed a fairly powerful magic sword on map 1; but as I created the item, it turned out that it had plans of its own... The character who found the sword had to burn 5 points of luck to save them from going on an elf killing spree when they failed the ego check. I love the fact that DCCRPG made magic weapons dangerous again! :twisted:

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