Free RPG day adventure demo--freakin' awesome

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Free RPG day adventure demo--freakin' awesome

Post by Kruvil » Wed Jun 22, 2011 11:58 am

DCC RPG is even better than I had hoped.

I had only two players show up but both want to come back next week with friends and start a summer campaign.

Each player made six characters. The roleplaying started right at the first locked door. Steve the scribe suggested waiting for four hours until "the stars are right" to go in. Slag the drunken beggar said, "waiting is dumb" pushed past and kicked the door to no avail.

The dwarven blacksmith Big Joe smashed open the door with his hammer only to fall dead from the blazing light of the crystals. When his brother, Joe the herder, started looti...I mean reclaiming his gear for proper use, Slag tried to take the bag in Joe's left hand.

He should have reached for the hammer in his right. Joe, ironically both bigger and stronger than his blacksmith brother, smashed Slag's brains right out like flattening a horseshoe on an anvil. Two kills and the dungeon hadn't been entered yet.

Good times. At one point, down to three PCs, the three went into subdual melee with staves to determine who would get to keep the demon horn looted from the dead con artist.

I changed subdual to work like 3.0--subdual damage adds to a subdual pool. if the subdual pool exceeds the characters' hp, the characters becomes unconscious. The subdual is reduced by 1 point every turn and magical healing reduces it equal to the hit point amount.

In the end, the final character was fighting the final monster, the general. The general had two hp left. Rather than sling a stone, the character went for the chainmail. Alas,the general threw a javelin (I treated the spears like javelins for clay guys) and slew her.

Just awesome. Plan to start a playtest campaign next week. If the characters survive, they will return to this dungeon at first level to retrive the demon horn guarded by the zombie minions of fallen villagers who have been dragging out farmers to eat their brains.

The quick character creation led to lots of roleplaying. No one held back and characters resorted to trickery, non-lethal damage, and even killing each other to achieve goals. Quite satisfying.

The funnel works well. The players don't want to skip to 1st level, they want to earn it and start with the funnel again.

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Re: Free RPG day adventure demo--freakin' awesome

Post by goodmangames » Wed Jun 22, 2011 7:14 pm

Awesome! This sounds like it was a great game!
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