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PostPosted: Mon Jun 20, 2011 2:37 pm 
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Wizard, Thief, Warrior, Cleric - all 5th Level.

Area 1.
Wizard studies runes - figures out pentagram/circle workings.
Elzemon causes Warrior to fall into pit - breaks 2 bones, loses 13 HP but alive.
Wizard casts Ropework, Cleric, Wizard, Thief scramble down

Area 2
Cleric heals 7 HP of Warrior with Laying On Hands.
Cleric casts Detect Evil - Tome glows
Thief crawls over to Tome to shuts it without studying it
Thief checks copper screens for traps and opens, party suspicious of scrolls - but Detect Evil (still in effect) does not make them glow so Wizard starts to study them (Scorching Ray, Hefner's Erectile Enoblement).
Elzemon opens Tome, smashes glass retort on floor
Cleric's casts Detect Evil again shows up Elzemon
Wizard casts Sleep and Magic Missile (no effect/wounds E) - Elzemon flies down to Area 3
Warrior closes book. Heads to area 3 with Cleric who cast another Detect Evil (low roll) which does not detect Elzemon who is activating the batteries with the rods.

Area 3
Thief and Wizard follow.
Electricity arcs into the pools of water, Warrior and Cleric paralyzed.
Thief and Wizard on stairwell.
Ape tears down gate, attacks Cleric.
Thief attacked by Elzemon on stairwell.
Cleric rended by Ape.
Wizard magic missiles Ape (twice)- not enough to stop him from rending Warrior
Thief burns luck to wound Elzemon with dagger - now bleeding ichor, semi-visible.
Wizard casts Ropework to entrap Ape - spell fails and is lost.
Elzemon makes for Area 2,
Thief burns luck massively and backstabs Ape dead
Wizard ascends stairwell and casts Ward Portal on archway - Thief sealed below.
Elzemon flings contents of acid flask at wizard, who dodges.
Thief paralyzed by electricity - still alive.
Wizard spellburns Magic Missiles - Elzemon dead.
Thief escapes paralysis - 2 hp left - gets into safety of cell.
Wizard escapes with loot.

Thoughts on session

- Used a stopclock, a proper hourglass would've been cooler.
- Detect Evil has a long duration.
- Having the creatures immune to Will attacks, when most of the offensive spells in the Beta involve Will saves - haha :twisted:
- I used Elzemon too early, should've waited till the party got to Area 3.
- Two spells per round at Level 5 is darn powerful.
- Easy to read adventure - clear brief descriptions and good map.
- Mercurial Magic -was either silenced, mentalism or no effect -wizard was wishing for something more overt.
- Warrior's player rolled badly throughout. Wishes he could've fought the Ape - maybe after being Blessed by the Cleric and Enlarged by the Wizard.
- Wizard and Cleric players felt like they were the guys with all the options.
- They never read the scroll about Elzemon - the warrior said if he had he'd had coated his blades and crossbow bolts with lead dust.
- If the Thief had died the wizard wouldn't have been able to escape.

Could've ran it better, but was enjoyable nonetheless. Nice one Harley :D

Sean Wills

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Forum locked This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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