Alternate 0-level Method

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Alternate 0-level Method

Post by ragboy » Thu Mar 08, 2012 3:03 pm

I'm playing around with my C&C / DCC mad merge, and I thought of something interesting... Why should 0-levels have Attributes, at all? What if there was another table that the 0-level rolls on to determine if they have a +/- in one or two aspects of their character -- maybe the Luck roll -- (i.e. melee, ranged, will saves, whatever) and then run with the character. Then if that character survives, and the player chooses a class, you have some options for attribute generation that gives a little more freedom to sculpt the character -- So, if the player chooses to make his surviving 0-level a thief, you could have a 3d6 in order, but DEX is 4d6 drop 1, or something. Still have the element of danger at 0, but the player gets a little more freedom as to what that character will be once it reaches 1st level. The narrative could be something like: Wilson the gongfarmer never realized how agile he was until he had to dodge that spear trap!

Dunno. Playing with a few concepts. I thought of the demi-human dilemma with straight DCC (if you roll up a halfling farmer, you're going to be halfling). Not sure how you'd solve that. The campaign I'm going to run doesn't include any demi-human races. It's all various races/tribes/cultures of humans -- and it's C&C based, so it's race/class...

Anyway, I should probably stop tweaking until the actual rulebook comes out, but what am I going to do until then, I ask you!
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Re: Alternate 0-level Method

Post by Harley Stroh » Mon Mar 12, 2012 12:09 pm

Greyhawk Adventures did something like this for 0-level characters. It was pretty fun, if I recall, though we didn't play with it a ton.

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