Alternate physical levels

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Re: Alternate physical levels

Post by smathis » Thu Jul 21, 2011 11:00 am

Hamakto wrote:2. Side bar on ability damage stating something like this:
Not all RP groups enjoy the same style of game. DCC RPG is intended to be gritty and dangerous. If your group is going to have problems with taking permanent ability score loss, then just adjust the ability score loss to be temporary or only semi-permanent. Semi-permanent would be that it would take a week per point to recover and/or require magic spells.
I could be happy with something like that. Making the damage semi-permanent would satisfy my concerns, although there are those in my group who would still want the option to increase stats somehow. But my most pressing, fun-killing concern would be addressed, so I'd have no beef with it one way or the other.
Hamakto wrote:I honestly believe that implementing a system to 'gain' ability scores will have a far more detrimental to the balance of DCC RPG than a side bar telling DM's to cater to their group.
I think the potential for any added system to be more detrimental than a brief capsule on options regarding how a DM can interpret an existing rule is a given. But I'm not sure about that balance thing. DCC doesn't seem that concerned about balance. Which is something I like about it. It sort of handwaves balance as "something that happens amidst all the randomness". Which it kind of does. But not predictably. Again, a positive for DCC, IMO.

So while I agree with the quoted statement in principle, I don't see how throwing it at the altar of "system balance" strengthens the position. If anything, implementing something like the 3d6 stat increase would make characters more balanced over time.

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Re: Alternate physical levels

Post by reverenddak » Thu Jul 21, 2011 11:31 am

I'm coming from a different perspective. I'm concerned that the amount of ability attrition is greater than the amounts (re)gained from level bonuses alone. As I'm mentioned before, 5 levels isn't enough to really see long term effects, but evidence (admittedly anecdotal) has shown that the attrition can be pretty high in the course of a single adventure.

I absolutely like the idea of any possible ability gain (or even regain) being random and not absolute. It'll be something that I plan to incorporate in my games that don't already include it (e.g. OSR.) I really like the 3d6 method, I'm just not sure at what frequency and how to determine which scores to "increase."

If the RAW specify permanent and temporary ability score loss, then there should be specific and official rules on regaining them (i.e. you can and this is how, or you can't period.) Sidebars are pointless because, as far as I'm concerned, every rule is optional. Plus, if I'm paying for this, I want a game full of rules I will want to use. Most of us seek that "perfect" game, and for me DCC is pretty damn close in its current state, but I have my concerns--thus my lengthy comments and play-test reports.
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Re: Alternate physical levels

Post by abk108 » Thu Jul 21, 2011 3:37 pm

i will just leave some unique potions and stuff, not more than one per adventure, that gives a permanent +1 to one ability
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