Unofficial Year 6.5 GenCon 2010 DCC Team Tournament

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Unofficial Year 6.5 GenCon 2010 DCC Team Tournament

Post by arlanni » Sun Mar 28, 2010 9:54 am

OK, so here we go, an “official” announcement for the “Unofficial 2010 GenCon DCC Team Tournament”. A few months ago, I learned there would be no official Goodman Games presence at GenCon. That meant no booth, no seminars, and no DCC Team Tourney. Bummed at all of this (but mostly by the last tidbit), I decided to do something about it.
But who am I, and why do I care about the DCC Tourney? First, I’m not Adrian, who most of you know has been the steward of the DCC Team Tourney the past several years. I’m Chris Doyle, a long-time Goodman Games freelance writer (DCC#0, DCC#7, Warbringer’s Son (round 1), Castle Whiterock, among others), often lurking on these forums, but rarely posting. But more importantly, I was the original project manager of the DCC Tourney back in the days of Crypt of the Devil Lich, and Vault of the Dragon King (although Jay Little was the author of the latter). I laid the original foundation of the tourney concept and the scoring. Then, when real-life responsibilities got in the way, I turned the tourney over to the more than capable hands of Master Adrian Pommier. And Adrian, through an amazing dedication of time and effort, brought the tourney to places I never imagined. From design, to playtesting, to on-site organization, to recruiting some of the best GMs (and many of them, in order to run 30+ round 1 tables) Adrian did a fantastic job of making the DCC team Tourney the best. And for that, we owe Master Pommier many thanks (I’ll pause for applause…..)

So, with Joseph Goodman’s blessing, I decided to run an unofficial DCC-style team tourney at GenCon this year. I invite any interested teams to compete. However, this unofficial tourney will not be like the tourney run under Adrian’s watch. It will harken back to the Crypt of the Devil-Lich days. Hopefully, in 2011, Goodman Games will be back at GenCon, and the Official Year 7 GenCon Team Tourney will be held. In the meantime, all I can offer is the Unofficial Year 6.5 GenCon Team Tourney. It will not be to the caliber of recent year’s tourney’s, but it will be the best I can do with limited time and resources.
Below is a list of information on the tourney. Read it through, and decide if you would like to participate. See below for the next step if you have a team ready for action:

• The adventure is one round only, run in a four hour time slot. There will be no advancement. There is a typical scoring system, similar to all previous scoring systems used in the DCC tourney. Since I designed most of those systems (even if I didn’t author the adventure), you should be familiar with the system. High score wins.

• I will offer a prize to the highest scoring team: a rare copy of DCC #0 with the green cover, only available at DunDraCon several years ago. Most people don’t even know the green cover version exists, as only 200 were printed. The yellow cover was available for sale in stores. It’s from my personal collection, and I have no idea how much it is worth.

• The rules will be 3.5 edition. Sorry folks, I’m not a huge fan of 4E-it’s just not my style (although it works well for a team tourney). There will be 6 pregens, and each team selects 4 pregens to play.

• Important: The team tourney will not be available through the GenCon registration system. There are many reasons for this, among them the difficulty in dealing with GenCon command, the size of the tourney, and the issues with signing a whole 4-person team up. As of right now, I’m the only GM, and I plan to run 3-5 tables over the four days of the convention. If the demand increases, I’ll consider reaching out to a few other GMs to run a few other tables. I will run the tables in open gaming areas, hotel lobbies, or in my own hotel room. I will not determine this until I’m on site, but I’m open to ideas.

• The adventure is a prequel to Crypt of the Devil-Lich. The Devil-Lich does not appear in the adventure, but this is part of the backstory to her rise to power. You do not need knowledge of that adventure to enjoy this one. It was originally designed years ago to serve as a Free RPG Day release, but was never used. The last few weeks, I finished the adventure and added the scoring system. It is for 3rd level PCs.

• I will be playtesting the adventure in two weeks with several members of Goodman Games, and then again with my regular gaming group.

OK, so what is the next step? Well, that depends on how many teams are interested in playing. If you are interested in playing in the Year 6.5 DCC Team Tournament, please post a reply to this OP. In the reply, tell me your team name, list the four players, any DCC tourney experience your team has, and when you are available to play at GenCon.
I’ll see how many interested teams respond by April 11th (two weeks from today). Depending on how many respond, will determine how I go about planning. If only 3-5 teams reply, no big deal as we will work out scheduling among ourselves. If more reply, then I’ll think up a way to determine who has dibs, and when and where we will play. In the meantime, I can gather additional GMS, if needed.

Any questions, or comments, let them fly. I look forward to having a blast at GenCon 2010, and bridging the gap between Year 6.5 and Year 7! :D


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Re: Unofficial Year 6.5 GenCon 2010 DCC Team Tournament

Post by Sunderstone » Mon Mar 29, 2010 5:19 am

I wish you luck with this, as Im a huge fan of the 3.5 DCC stuff and a prequel to the Devil Lich sounds awesome. If I was going to Gen Con (havent been to one since 95' and 96') I would love to try and get into this.

Hope this sparks more goodman 3.5 DCC interest.
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Re: Unofficial Year 6.5 GenCon 2010 DCC Team Tournament

Post by arksorn » Wed Mar 31, 2010 5:40 pm

Best of luck getting this going. Unfortunately, my team will have to skip it since it looks like there will be a 4E unofficial tournament offered (we prefer 4E now, and even if there was not an alternate would probably not want to play 3.5E). I do want to complement you and everyone who works on these tournaments. We played last year and really like your tournament set up, regardless of edition.

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Re: Unofficial Year 6.5 GenCon 2010 DCC Team Tournament

Post by mythfish » Mon Apr 19, 2010 3:25 pm

Does that mean there will be no Beer Con this year also?
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Re: Unofficial Year 6.5 GenCon 2010 DCC Team Tournament

Post by Hamakto » Mon Jul 26, 2010 11:36 am

Anything on this?
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Re: Unofficial Year 6.5 GenCon 2010 DCC Team Tournament

Post by Jengenritz » Mon Jul 26, 2010 12:09 pm

Chris and some of the other judges tried to get something together for this year, but it didn't materialize. Mouse talked about it on the other thread.
So no tourney for 2010. Next year is a whole new ball game.
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Re: Unofficial Year 6.5 GenCon 2010 DCC Team Tournament

Post by arlanni » Tue Jul 27, 2010 1:26 pm


Nobody expressed an interest in my unofficial 3.5 tourney, so I don't plan to run any slots. Bummer, since the one rounder was written, and playtested (twice). One of the groups was the GG East gang of freelancers and he had a real blast.

As Adrian said, maybe next year...

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Re: Unofficial Year 6.5 GenCon 2010 DCC Team Tournament

Post by Rick Maffei » Tue Jul 27, 2010 6:40 pm

arlanni wrote: One of the groups was the GG East gang of freelancers and we had a real blast.
I can testify to that. :)
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