Saving throw bonuses as you level up question

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Saving throw bonuses as you level up question

Post by daddystabz » Sun Mar 17, 2013 2:06 am

My warrior has now reached lvl 2 and I have a question about saving throws as you go up in level please. My saving trows at lvl 1 were Ref: 1, Fort: 1, Will: 1. I see that at 2nd lvl I get +1, +1, +0 to my saving throws. Do those get added to what I had previously, thus making them +2, +2, +1? Or are they not cumulative?

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Re: Saving throw bonuses as you level up question

Post by GnomeBoy » Sun Mar 17, 2013 9:55 am

Answered here: ... 60&t=44346, and this is not the most accurate forum subsection for the question, anyway...

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