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Discussion of DCC modules published under 1E and C&C rules by Goodman Games, as well as conversions to other systems by fans.

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Online Gaming - LL & DCC - A Match Made in Heaven

Post by Psikonetic » Thu Jan 28, 2010 5:59 pm

Do you think characters and monsters in D&D games have way too many hit points and powers and come across more like super heroes and anime characters rather then Sword and Sorcery Heroes of old?

So do we!

Do you think current editions of the game are more like playing WoW on tabletop instead of real RPing?

I don't wholly agree there, but I see your point!

Are you an old curmudgeon who likes to talk about how games and gamers were better "back in my day" and how "kids these days don't appreciate the classics?" Yet you still use modern conveniences like the internet?

Us too! (except for the old curmudgeon part, but we will kindly accept your request to "get off your damn yard")

We're looking for 1-2 more players willing to play an online VoIP/MapTool classic pulp D&D game using Labyrinth Lord as the ruleset (or Basic D&D if you got it, though all rules differences will default to Labyrinth Lord) and converted Dungeon Crawl Classics as the adventures.

All you need to play is:
A Copy of Labyrinth Lord
The Most Current Version of MapTool
The Most Current Version of TeamSpeak
A willingness to play a Pulp Style Fantasy Hero
A understanding that Elf is a class and can't rise beyond 10th level.

We're planning on playing once a week (twice schedules permitting) most likely on a weekend from mid/late afternoon until evening (Eastern Standard Time).

If you're interested contact me via PM or my e-mail

Any questions, comments, etc. can be posted as replies here or via the methods above.

Look forward to hearing from everyone soon.

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