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4E DCCs - which module should I purchase next?
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Author:  fathead [ Wed Sep 03, 2008 5:17 am ]
Post subject:  4E DCCs - which module should I purchase next?

Thanks to the DCC tournament, my group is willing to give 4E a try.

I had picked up Sellswords at GenCon. After reading through it, I found myself wishing that I had picked up more of the 4E modules while I was there. For the first time ever (yes...ever), I'll be using a module in my weekly campaign...and to kick it off, no less. The ambience was fantastic, flavor text was great, there were interesting plot hooks planted throughout, and the battlemap insert really brought it up a notch.

So, my question is...which 4E DCC should I purchase next? Will the battlemap inserts be standard now for the DCC line (because, in my opinion, they really put the module over the top)?

The campaign will be centered around a city in my campaign (similar to Punjar in atmosphere), but allow for excursions into the untamed wilderness. The few cities and towns are "borderland" settlements once held by knights, but now run primarily by warlords (no, not the class).

I may not fit the entire module in (as I am doing with Sellswords), but if I can fit in portions of an adventure that will save me time in writing adventures, that would be ideal.

Forges of the Mountain King would work (there are mountains in the area). I'm tempted to pick up Adrian's Isle of the Sea Drake...just because it's Adrian's module...I'm not sure how well it would fit though, since they're not near any port cities. Scions of Punjar would work, simply because Punjar fits well. The Forgotten Portal would also fit nicely, as swamps are within travelling distance and at some point, I plan to introduce the "mud witch" (yeah, the same NPC hag/oracle that was in the adventure I ran at GenCon) as a recurring character.

I'm big on strategic encounters and unique locations that make those encounters more interesting. Any thoughts?

Author:  Istor [ Wed Sep 03, 2008 5:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 4E DCCs - which module should I purchase next?

Both.. and get Dragora's Dungeon while you're at it.


I'm being serious. I'm incredibly happy with these modules, so much so that I may run them as once shots whenever I can weave them in between the campaign sessions. DCC nights.

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