When 4th edition comes out...

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When you get 4th edition…

I will buy DCC mods for 4th edition.
I will buy 4th edition for DCC mods.
Total votes: 10

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Post by jfall »

Another newbie posting, so beware, seriously misguided and heavily opinionated comments might follow! ;)

I loved RC D&D. I loved AD&D 1e. I liked AD&D 2e. I enjoyed D&D 3.0 and was a little perturbed at D&D 3.5. I was downright flabbergasted at the announcement of the release of 4e.

Now, I'm NOT saying I won't like 4e. How could I possibly know that? I'm not a beta tester. I have no earthly clue. If the difference is as great between 4e and 3.5 as it was between 2e and 3.0 then I can't even begin to guess what it's going to play like.

I lost sight of how the game was "supposed" to feel somewhere along the line and it took the 4e announcement for me to really sit down and take a close look at "why" I became a little lost. That's a whole different story though...

Bottom line, I found Castles and Crusades to my liking. I've read a few DCC modules and I find they're to my liking as well. They remind me of the sheer "coolness" factor while playing as a young man.

Will I buy 4e? Certainly not to run, but to play a game in? Maybe. Will I continue to purchase DCC modules, whether 3.X, C&C, AD&D 1e or 4e? Quite likely.
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Post by DCCfan »

CharlieRock wrote:How about I will collect "back issue" DCCs for 3.5 or C&C.

since, um, I don't have them all and it would take me another year to collect them and another four to play :wink:
This is what I plan on doing. With Castle Whiterock I have at least a years worth of Wed. game nights ahead of me. Plus all the DCC's I own that I havn't had time to play yet. That's at least another year. After that I will pickup any I don't have(at a big discount)and go from there. Unless 4E turns out to be better than s** I will not be buying new products for some time. :lol:
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Post by Hamakto »

I honestly do not know how to answer this poll. I am not enthused about 4e yet from reading the forums.

It astounds me that WOTC is so disconnected from a large chunk of their fan base. If they wanted to help people get excited about the game they should actually start to hand out tidbits of things... well, beyond fluff junk.

They are shortly releasing the SRD (if they have not done so already). The books are getting ready to go to print (probably Feb/early March). So 4e is basically done. Ready or not!

Will we get into 4e... good question. It will all depend on the rule books. I do know that from what I read, that I like some of the mechanic changes. But the racial/spell casting (I like 1st-3rd edition spell casting) changes are just annoying. The cosmetology changes are again annoying.

Are we actually going to be playing DnD any more? Or is it time to finally go buy C&C?

I will know in June for sure. If not sooner.
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Post by Save Vs. Death Ray »

Hamakto wrote:Are we actually going to be playing DnD any more? Or is it time to finally go buy C&C?

I will know in June for sure. If not sooner.
But at least get in for the Tournaments. :twisted:
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Post by fathead »

Hamakto wrote: Are we actually going to be playing DnD any more? Or is it time to finally go buy C&C?

I will know in June for sure. If not sooner.
Yeah...we're in the same boat. I'm withholding judgement until I read the new rules. If I like them well enough to switch, we'll be moving to 4E. If not...well...we'll either stick with 3.5, go back to 1E (there has been some talk of that), or switch to C&C (we haven't even looked at that yet...but we've heard enough good reviews to at least consider it)...or just cobble something together and house-rule the hell out of it.

Either way, we're in for a change...

Will I still purchase DCCs? Hell yeah.
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