NULL SINGULARITY available now

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NULL SINGULARITY available now

Post by Bean965 » Fri Jan 01, 2016 9:07 am

The NULL SINGULARITY has crossed the event horizon, bringing the end of the universe to mark the completion of a Terran orbital cycle!

NULL SINGULARITY is a DCC RPG- compatible, existential space-horror-and-survival one-shot by Steve Bean, author of the DCC adventures Trials of the Toy Makers and The Rat King's River of Death and contributor to The Monster Alphabet and Fifty Fantastic Functions of the D50.

NULL SINGULARITY was inspired by the amazing BLACK SUN DEATHCRAWL written by +James MacGeorge and available through Aleph Null Publishing and

In NULL SINGULARITY, players take on the role of Voidants: 70s-eras space travellers who left the Earth in crude VoidArks to flee from the Null Singularity – an apocalyptic entity that is both a massive black hole and a “long-dark night of the soul.” For an unknown period of time – decades or even centuries – the Voidants of the VoidArk ALEKTRYON have played hide-and-seek with the Null Singularity across the cosmos, but NULL SINGULARITY sets up your group to role-play the day it catches up with them.

NULL SINGULARITY plays “vignette style” in 3-5 hours including character creation, making it a good one-shot for your regular gaming group and the right length to Judge as an event at your favorite gaming convention. NULL SINGULARITY is easily adapted to other d20-oriented RPG systems.

A softbound hard copy of the 52 page NULL SINGULARITY one-shot is $8.00 plus $3.00 shipping and handling (In the US through USPS Media Mail). To pre-order for fulfillment expected to begin 1/7/16 (or to arrange for delivery outside the US): email Steve Bean at

NULL SINGULARITY is also available as a pdf on RPG Now for $5.99. You can view a 27-page preview at the RPG Now listing as well!


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Re: NULL SINGULARITY available now

Post by Max_The_Judge » Tue Apr 05, 2016 12:37 pm

Is the hard copy version still available? I'd like to order one. Also, does that come with a PDF copy or do I need to get that separately?

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