How do you define min/max?

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Re: How do you define min/max?

Post by Bilgewriggler » Thu Nov 29, 2012 5:27 pm

finarvyn wrote:
Bilgewriggler wrote:This more or less guaranteed that most of us were pretty crappy characters and made things pretty terrifying when the zombies came after us.
I'll bet this game was a blast to play! Any time you have a zombie attack, the characters should at least start out pretty crappy.

Say ... maybe you guys are the ones who first discovered the "funnel" approach... :P
It was ridiculously fun, but not very "funnel-y." We managed to avoid character deaths almost completely by staying away from all the big mistakes made by characters in zombie movies. Of course, this also meant we blew the heads off of a number of non-zombie NPCs by being more trigger-happy than we should have, but too bad for them. They shouldn't have made the mistake of being NPCs.
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