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 Post subject: Demihumans in S&S
PostPosted: Sun Nov 29, 2015 2:40 pm 
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I've been reading some Crawl! Fanzines (which are great fun) and noticed in the first issue that it says:

Crawl! wrote:
For DCC RPG to fit the S&S mold, the removal of demi-humans (such as elves & dwarves) is the first obvious step.

I think this a correct intention but an incorrect execution. While the Elves, Dwarves and whatnot have become associated much more with the Tolkien strain of fantasy, I don't think that Sword & Sorcery or Weird Fantasy is served by losing demihumans entirely - rather, it needs the right demihumans. Certainly the presence of elves and co. signals to the player or reader a certain genre or style, but the presence of races that are not human is not the sole possession of a specific subgenre.

Instead, it seems to me that the right thing to do is to include different demihumans. I think race-as-class still works admirably here; those nonhumans who are found on the path of the treasure-seeker are less likely to come from the more specialized and specific strains of society, and will tend towards the "standards" of their race.

I would propose a swap out, then; certain races, like amphibian-people dear to Bobugbubilz, or Lankhmar ghouls, would replace dwarves and elves. Alternately, those classes could be reconfigured flavor-wise; a sword-and-board wielding humanoid comfortable with the underground and desirous of wealth? No need to be a dwarf, it could be a race of rat people who hoard things below the earth.

Thoughts on my ramblings?

“Treasures are not won by care and forethought but by swift slaying and reckless attack.” Michael Moorcock, Stealer of Souls

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