More interested in the DCC release in April than D&DN

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Re: More interested in the DCC release in April than D&DN

Post by Ogrepuppy » Thu Feb 23, 2012 9:42 pm

Tortog wrote:PF is different, but not enough difference to justify the time and expense
You may want to consider the PF Beginner Box. In fact, Hero Lab for the Beginner Box is 100% free, and completely worth your time to test the waters of the physical box.

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Re: More interested in the DCC release in April than D&DN

Post by moes1980 » Sun Feb 26, 2012 6:11 pm

reverenddak wrote:
finarvyn wrote:DCC has its own unique flavor but in many ways is similar to the games listed above. And DCC is about to have amazing support. It's a good time to love old school gaming! :D
YUP! The OSR is kicking butt right now. Totally winning. It helps that they're almost completely compatible with each other. The tweaks are minimal if any. and a lot of us on this forum will be happy to share tips, tweaks, conversions, etc.
This is so true and it has been great to be able to get out my old adventures and run them with little work (and by little, I mean minor conversions made on the fly in the middle of play).

I have been torn these past few months about wheather or not I should run with the new Hackmaster, the DCCRPG, or wait for the play test materials for DnDN. I decided to go with DCCRPG. It takes less prep time to run than hackmaster, has a much more kick arse sword and sorcery feel then hackmaster, and it has been blast to play. If all my friends get cought up in DnDN as the game to play, I am hoping I can convert my DCCRPG adventures over without to much trouble.

So yeah, I pre-ordered my DCCRPG and can't wait for it to come in :D

Edit: I allways knew I wanted to skip pathfinder because I have tons of 3.x stuff already, and am just not interested in playing an almost identical system to what I already owned (and most of what is different are changes that I didn't like)

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