Suggested change for the "Funky Dice" section of the rules

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Suggested change for the "Funky Dice" section of the rules

Post by Black Dougal » Sat Jun 25, 2011 4:56 pm

On page 6 of the Beta there is a section on "Funky Dice" where the Zocchi Dice are explained and advice for dice substitutions is given.

The paragraph with the substitutions only excludes two dice, the d5 and the d30. Rather than leave the reader with "And so on" the substitutions for those dice should be included. It adds two sentences to the document and gives the reader a complete set of advice for avoiding Zocchi dice if they choose.

Also, it might be worth the time to create a page on the web site which takes some of the alternate substitution methods from the forums and puts it in an easy to find location. Then a pointer to that page could be added at the end of the section for those wanting more information. This would give the reader multiple options.

As it is written now, the section feels incomplete. I don't like leaving it on "And so on."
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