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PostPosted: Sun Jun 28, 2009 3:59 pm 
Far-Sighted Wanderer

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If I search this board, I find an errata thread, and the only entry for Whiterock I can find relates to the missing entrance to 6B, and then says something that indicates that there are problems with the 'first printing'....

So my questions are:

I bought the PDF version not very long ago at all -- why was I seemingly given the first printing? Was there ever a second/third/etc. printing?

Second, I realize this thing is huge, but there are some INSANE levels of sloppiness going on with respect to the compass directions on the maps, and the descriptions...can someone point me to a thread that actually corrects these and tells me which way is north for each of these maps? I would have hoped that GG would have issued either replacement maps or revised descriptions, but there are absolutely OBVIOUS cases where the map indicates one thing and the text another, which makes this thing nearly impossible to effectively DM without a ton of work...and isn't THAT precisely why we buy expensive pre-made modules - so we can do a ton of corrections and work?

Is there a real errata thread, or is the only acknowledged problem the 6B stonebore tunnel issue?

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 01, 2009 8:20 am 
Cold-Hearted Immortal
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This has been addressed elsewhere by folks more knowledgeable than myself, but yes, there is a door missing on the map, and the compass roses (compasses rose?) all got turned 90 degrees in post production (just always use the page top as North, and you're fine, I believe).

As for 'first printing', 'second printing', etc. There was only one printing, I think. There may well have been expectations that there would be future printings, but there was this little thing that came along called 4th Edition D&D, and that has actually managed to have some impact on the FRP gaming world. Perhaps it maybe had some effect on plans for the DCC line? I can't say for certain, since I'm only an observer, but it may have done....

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 01, 2009 11:52 am 
Far-Sighted Wanderer

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4th edition what-what-a-how-why? Never heard of it.

Okay, from a humorous perspective my comment sort of missed the mark - but hey!!! on a miss I can still shift you three squares and give combat advantage to my friends. If I was Orcus and missed you'd be irrevocably dead if you were already bloodied by my humor.

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