Ombres de Leningrad et autres contes (Sans-Detour)

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Ombres de Leningrad et autres contes (Sans-Detour)

Post by sheriffharry » Sat Jan 25, 2014 2:51 pm

I just bought the French translation of the first three AoC modules:
Ombres de Leningrad et autres contes from the French editors Sans-Detour.

Not just a translation, the 144 pages book includes dozens and dozens of 1920s pictures representing the scenarios' locations and NPCs. Also the text adds some details on the different countries visited.
All in all a great edition, making all the modules even more "Jazz Age" and maybe a bit less "pulpy", at least look-wise.

My single complaint: strangely enough maps have been omitted from the "Madness in London" scenario, so French Keepers will have to re-imagine Whitlow's apartment or the British Museum plans.


For the curious, an 11-page PDF sample is available on the website: (called "Extraits du titre") ... ontes.html

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