M2 Curse of Kingspire - a few questions

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M2 Curse of Kingspire - a few questions

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Hi All - I am getting ready to run the second half of the Kingspire scenario. Looking forward to it as the players have been really intrigued by the hints of something deeper, more mysterious going on - I think they will love the sitiuation the characters get thrown into. A few questions:
1) Has anyone got suggestions for structuring the court interaction as a skill challenge (along the lines of the more complex ones presented in DMG 2 - "Moving through Suderham" or "War by other means")? I was thinking that there might actually be three skill challenges, one for each of the King, Queen and Vizer. Failures resulting in the players getting hampered in some way (maybe even repeatedly assassinated), success resulting in a full understanding of the motivation (the 'Path of ...') and additional help. Ideas?
2) My players are quite detail focussed and they are sure to want to know how many Eldarin there are in the keep, go up to the battlements, understand the defenses of the keep better. I was planning to make the keep a bit dreamlike and vauge to get around providing these details, but in some ways that runs against the tone of the stuck in time atmosphere. The module mentions that once the Tower of the Magus falls (hour 10) the remaining arcance defenses of the keep end - has anyone played this up in game, or added detail to this? Any ideas/comments welcome.
3) Has anyone got any experiences to share running this part of the adventure? Any scenes/situations/tweaks/etc that worked well (or failed miserably) would be great to hear about.

Many thanks.
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