Amethyst Test Battle

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Amethyst Test Battle

Post by DiasExMachina » Thu Jun 10, 2010 12:22 am



Trying to control my group is a futile effort. This has never been truer than when recording a podcast. My group sat together to create yet another Techan Podcast, one which we had hoped would properly present our techan characters given the current build of the rules. This was still an arduous task as my players have neither a mute button nor the discipline to remain focused on the task at hand. We will not be posting the podcast as, like our humorous Techan Podcast, there is nothing to learn from it. The article, however, is still good. This is our extensive coverage…


Level 6 encounter (xp 1250)
48 puggs (level 1 minion)
3 skegg pugg-drivers (level 4 brute)

This was an equal size encounter for five level 6 techans. The opponents consisted of 3 Skegg Pugg Drivers and 48 rabid Puggs. The characters were as follows (you can download them in detail here: ... acters.pdf

KONRAD TOMBS Level 6 Grounder. Played by Conan
WILHELM KAUFF Level 6 Marshal. Played by Grayson
ELIAS HANNOVER Level 6 Operator. Played by Brad
THEO VANDERSAAR Level 6 Stalker. Played by Mike
JIMMY FELDT Level 6 Operator. Played by Chris

Initiative was rolled. I placed 12 puggs and one skegg on the table. Every round for three rounds, I add 12 more puggs and one more skegg, and on the final round, I added the final group of puggs.

29 Mike/Stalker
21 Grayson/Marshal
18 Monsters
17 Chris/Operator
13 Brad/Operator & Conan/Grounder


The beginning of the battle had 13 opponents placed 20 squares away. At first, the Grayson the Marshal and Mike the Stalker held back, defaulting to their fantasy roots of allowing enemies to close distance. I had to stop and remind them that at 20 squares, they were in range of all their weapons. In fact, the extra round of fire proved vital.


(Use your distance. Fighters want to run up. Rogues want to sneak. The Fighter must draw the fire from the Wizard. Techans don’t have a wizard role. Grounders don’t need to move until the enemy gets close. Use distance. Plant Area Denials and attack the closest threats. Prevent their advance. It is about team work and players thinking like fantasy characters will quickly become overrun)

So we retracted a round and allowed the Stalker to and Marshal to attack. Grayson the Marshal offered his attack to Mike the Stalker to use Combat Theatrics again after using it on his round. He took out four puggs from six attacks.

The puggs charged at full speed but did not get to adjacent squares on their round. This left Chris the Medical Operator to Double Tap and take out two more. Brad the Mechanic Operator followed up and lobbed a grenade into a crowd of puggs, attacking three, and missing every single one of them. Oh dear. Conan the Grounder launched his wall3 Rapid Fire, hurting a skegg for 8 damage and taking out two more puggs. He then placed his area burst 1 Area Denial in front of the group to attack any target that crossed that area.

Mike the Stalker used Combat Theatrics again, this time on the injured Skegg driver in the lead. He only hit once, dealing 9 damage. Grayson the Marshal, knowing a good thing, used Make Room again to allow Mike the Stalker three more attack with Combat Theatrics. Mike did so, killing three more puggs. Grayson then added in his move action Spotter ability, giving Conan the Grounder a +1 power bonus to attack the injured Skegg.

(Just because you don’t want to move doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use your move. Every class has move powers at 1st level and most classes have move powers which can actually attack enemies)

This got interesting, as 12 more puggs and another Skegg landed on the table and immediately double run across the board. Because the puggs outnumbered the players more than 3-to-1, they gained bonuses to both attack and damage. One pugg ran through Conan the Grounder’s Area Denial and was instantly attacked and killed. The surviving puggs from the first wave reached base to base, two on Brad the Mechanical Operator, one on Grayson the Marshal. Both puggs attacking Brad hit, inflicting 10 damage from Sticks and Stones. The other attacking Grayson the Marshal missed as does the skegg on Brad the Mechanical Operator

Chris the Medical Operator lobbed his grenade into a dense group of five puggs, taking out four of them. Brad the Mechanical Operator followed up by activating his daily I Think I Got It Angry which can inflict 3[W] damage on a hit. He attacked an undamaged Skegg, but misses. Conan the Grounder ended the round by placing Area Denial again in front of the second wave of puggs and did a another Rapid Fire attack, killing two puggs and injuring the leading skegg driver again for 5 damage.



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