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Death Dealer

Post by rabindranath72 »

Ok, I will try posting here since it seems no one looked at the other thread.

Yesterday I received the book in the mail, and I have been reading it all day. I must say: BRILLIANT WORK! I do not even play 4e (I had the 4e books and sold them), but this one makes me want to run a 4e game again. I might pick up the game again :oops:

I like the layout, and how stat blocks are not repeated too many times (one thing that put me off the new edition, at least in the WotC adventure modules), though 3 or 4 pages could have been saved considering that all the monsters are also in the back of the book, and it's suggested to photocopy the pages anyway. It could have been worse, I suppose :)

I also like how the whole module only uses the PHB, though the pregen druid is a bit out of place IMO. Perhaps I will change the character with a fey pact warlock.

I also have some questions:
1- Is there a background for the pregens? Something which ties them to Iparsia (e.g. what's their culture)? As they stand, they are just a bunch of numbers, quite in contrast with all the rest.

2- What about the pdf?

************ SPOILERS WARNING!!! ************

3- I cannot understand where the refugees are supposed to go. Do they pass through the keep before the PCs get there?
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Re: Death Dealer

Post by Harley Stroh »


I'm sorry I missed the other thread. I've been at Genghis Con, Denver, running games.

First, thank you for the kind words. I'm glad you're enjoying DD. I'll ask around --- maybe there is someone willing to do a 3.5 conversion so that we don't force you back into 4e.

Re: Druid
In the Image comic, druids play a key role in saving the world against Mirahan. Dreovid actually joins the party, and aids them as best he can. The druid was a nod that direction. That said, I can certainly see how the druid stands out in the otherwise martial group.

Pre-gen Background[/d]
D'oh! That would have been great to include. :oops: But if you pick up the comics from Image, it will tell you all about them.

What about the PDF?
Just inside the cover page, you should have a black text box that instructs you how to download the free, full-color pdf. And let me tell you, it is *gorgeous.* The color art is amazing.

What about the Fleeing Peasants?
This is writer error. They all make it through the ruins before the PCs get there, but are moving too slow to escape the Shadow Horde unless the PCs manage to delay the army.

Hope this helps. Thanks for picking up DD!

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Re: Death Dealer

Post by mythfish »

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Re: Death Dealer

Post by finarvyn »

rabindranath72 wrote:I do not even play 4e (I had the 4e books and sold them), but this one makes me want to run a 4e game again. I might pick up the game again :oops:
Hmmm. My experience with 4E so far has been really hit-miss, but I know you from DF and other boards and I value your opinion on game style. Based on your comments, I'll have to check this one out!
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