Monster Stats for DDi Monster Builder?

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Monster Stats for DDi Monster Builder?

Post by meverz »

Now that WotC have released their monster builder, is there any chance of re-releasing the monsters you have released (eg from Critter Cache, Dungeone Crawl Classics etc) in a format I can easily import into the Monster Builder?

What I would love is to get 2 files whenever I buy your stuff. The current pdf, and also a (xml?) file containing all the monsters I can import into the monster builder. I would even be willing to pay a little extra (either separately or a dearer "bundled" product) to save myself the effort of needing to import them all manually.

If I could import the monsters into the Monster Builder, I would pick up every monster book you put out (and grab the rest of the critter caches i have missed, and probably also grab Dungeon Denziens).

Is this even possible with the current GSL?
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Re: Monster Stats for DDi Monster Builder?

Post by Ogrepuppy »

Honestly, I probably would too.
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Re: Monster Stats for DDi Monster Builder?

Post by cnath.rm »

This and battlemaps that I can toss into Maptool would be great for me, and I'd certainly toss in an extra couple bucks to get them.
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Re: Monster Stats for DDi Monster Builder?

Post by PeelSeel2 »

This would be awesome.
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