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A book on customizing powers and classes.
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Author:  EvilCat [ Wed Mar 11, 2009 2:42 am ]
Post subject:  A book on customizing powers and classes.

Sometimes in 4E you want to make a character from concept and to tweak powers for this purpose. And for that you need to reverse-engineer the game balance, which is hard. What if there was a book on 4E game balance and customizing classes and powers?
I don't know if there is demand for it, but I'd buy this book for the price of PHB. For me, it would really open up doors to happy 4E gaming.

I was trying to make a gnoll character that would really behave and feel as gnoll in combat. The concept was this (picture). No PHB class or "Playing gnolls" options were satisfying. After long flipping through books, I was able to write this (more details at EN World):
  • Ferocious Strike (reflavored fighter's Reaping Strike)
  • Mad Bite: non-weapon, Str vs. AC, provokes AoO, 2d6+Str dmg.
  • Lockjaw: non-weapon, Str vs. Ref, provokes AoO, 2d6+Str dmg and the target is grabbed; allies have Combat Advantage against the target as long as its grabbed. Recharge on high success (5+ points better result than defense).
  • Frenzy: Str vs. AC, hits adjacent enemies, 3W+Str dmg; the gnoll is at -2 AC until end of encounter.
He would also treat his teeth as a weapon (just natural) and enchant them via monster-consuming rituals (rare monsters, just like rare magic items, are found in dungeons). That way bite attacks wouldn't fall behind weapon strikes.

Instead of vague and demanding reverse-engineering, I would rather have the guidelines laid out before me in a form of a book. Thus the idea.

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