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where has all the classic space sci fi gone
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Author:  areafiftyonegame [ Wed May 10, 2017 6:25 pm ]
Post subject:  where has all the classic space sci fi gone

Well I like that goodman games Metamorphous Alpha - but I wander with mutant Crawl classic coming soon how about Space opera Crawl Classic next, there where a lot of attempts as sci fi rpgs the most successful one I know of was Traveller, but I always like space opera , its mechanics and character creation was clunky and drawn out but it had sand, you know what I mean. its sectors and its ships where real 1978 kind of stuff.

I kno the likely hood of the guy over at FGU selling space opera is slim but man that company had the original indi games, SPACE OPERA and bushidio ad bunnies and Borrows and Chivalry and Sorcery and Aftermath. it rock the free world, I mean do not get me wrong I LOVED ME SOME STAR FRONTIERS AND BOOT HILL.
but I loved flashing blades , space opera and then their was the other games out their too .
TSR came out with Alternity and I own that but it was still to spiff and little spoof.

we need some Flash Gorden 1978-80 ANIMATION SERIES
defender's OF THE EARTH
THEN THIER IS WHAT IS THE MOST POPULAR method and still few have taped its powers and that the cross over from our world.
see! Guardian of the flame, DnD kids, Spellsinger, Connentic Yankee In king Arthur's COURT- well I AM getting ahead of my self,

Author:  areafiftyonegame [ Thu May 11, 2017 9:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: where has all the classic space sci fi gone

so do any of you older kids remember some of the games I am talking about?
Goodman did spacemen and spaceships or something like that and their was pacesetters Space Ace.
But man I liked Buck rogers when I was a kid and the first season where buck rocked around on mission from to keep the earth save was classic seventies space opera, then the second season they did the whole star trek thing witch I thought was sad and all though I like hawkman the rest of the stores kind of left me missing the first season,

sort of like when they did the bionic women spin of from the six million dollar man , just is not the same.
some of those stories where just too cool, the big foot encounter with android people was so cool.
see in like fantasy which is a Tope and horned shoed into tokenistic day Dreams sci fi is still a large category ,
science fiction is six million dollar man to Buck Rogers and Battle star Galactica.

that way Alternate tried to go at it all but for some reason people can not get dam classes d20 with out classes and level with careers.

Author:  ToddBradley [ Tue May 23, 2017 5:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: where has all the classic space sci fi gone

Yes, I remember the games you're talking about. I run a Classic Traveller game every other week. There is a small but violently defensive community of aging Traveller gamers on Facebook, for what it's worth.

It would be amusing to read a Dungeon Crawl Traveller, but it would be an odd beast. Traveller feels very buttoned down, to me - not really in keeping with DCC gonzo. Traveller isn't very swingy.

Author:  areafiftyonegame [ Tue Jun 27, 2017 1:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: where has all the classic space sci fi gone

I get you their is so little of the open sci fi games these days their all trying very hard to be something very specific and not that fun at all. Warhammer 40,000 and some of its material was so oh my gosh this is just reson to shoot each other.
we need some that old fashion 2000ad stuff going on STARBLAZERS mindjammer tried it with tier fate system , but I want something more crunchy , like good home pan friend chicken with that golden crust and each bite a near strocke in grease.....! but baby it was southern friend crack! their is a new TSR, but I think goodmans game should just buy the catalogue of FGU and be done with it! its got V and V and aftermath and space opera and bushido ~!
well that my Twenty two .9 cents worth "damn inflation "

Author:  areafiftyonegame [ Sun Apr 08, 2018 8:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: where has all the classic space sci fi gone

or they can emulate with some crunchy stuff of thier own , as in < goodman games> I do not mean A DCC STARS WITH OUT NUMBER!
look weather any one see it , thier is a very sensible mechanic right in front of every one eyes.
classic abilities maybe add Agility and Endurance and Comeliness .
then just do the skills list something around 24
use ranks for skills
abilities have score and modifier, but here we do some quick stuff the score ore the passive resistance that has to be rolled over to affect the character.
strength - BLOCK
Dexterity - to parry
Agility- to dodge/evade
Constitution - poison /illness
Endurance -Damage/
Intelligence - Subversive
Wisdom -psionic
Charisma - persuasion
Comeliness- distraction
and so on then the modifiers plus skill ranks plus d20 verse passive scores
built in mechanic
use 1d6 years for careers terms with skill list for the careers
there use the rest of your auto rules and a good gear list and some space ship rules and planet rules and you got the Galactic Chronicles of space!

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