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XCrawler Art!!

Posted: Sat May 06, 2017 8:30 am
by PookaWitch
I figured I would share the art I made of my XCrawl characters. Most are scratchy, quick doodles. ^^; They're not wearing their patches but in their XCrawl 'outfits'.

The Bar Crawlers! - They're all Bacchus worshippers
(My own character pics. It's just two of us playing, so we both play a few characters (or characters and NPCs on the team)
I can't remember most of the character's last names without digging up their files. ^^; They're around here somewhere.
The group was based out of Las Vegas, until they gained some new members from other cities.

"Burgundy Wine"[/b] (Burgundy Collins) An oracle (divine agent) of Bacchus. She's a 'woo girl' and uses a baseball bat for a weapon.

"Bomb Shot" (Trixie) Moonshiner alchemist, mixologist and owned her own bar where the group started by talking about how they could use the money, and drunkenly signed up for XCrawl. XD

"Tipple" Dani O'Shea Skald with rage powers that help with drinking and dirty tricks. She plays fast, irish fighting music ie. Dropkick Murphys "Drink and drink and drink and drink and drink and drink and FIGHT!"

"Tanuki" Tokkuri (which is the term for a sake jar) She is a drunken master, and actually a tanuki. We have it that in Japan they accept some of the ancient respected humanoid creatures as part of their society, such as kitsune and tanukis (using more of a kitsune race guide then the tanuki creature). She was the first tanuki in the crawls and just called 'the Tanuki'

Those ARE their XCrawl outfits BTW. XD Sometimes Bomb Shot (Trixie) wears a leather jacket.

There you go, my XCrawl, Bar Crawlers characters. (NPCs when I run the crawls, PCs when my husband runs them.)

I do have more pictures of other characters from the setting, but they're not scanned, save one but I'll hold off on posting her until I have the rest of the pics scanned.