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I seriously love the XCrawl setting
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Author:  PookaWitch [ Sat May 06, 2017 7:34 am ]
Post subject:  I seriously love the XCrawl setting

XCrawl is one of my favourite d20 (or even D&D) settings that I've every played.I've been a very avid RPer for 26 years and have never come across a game as fascinating as XCrawl. The Crawls are a blast, but just as interesting, probably even more-so is the setting itself. I wish that there were more books for setting building.

I have even written my own crawl which I believe turned out very well. (Vancouver Crawl with DJ Fiesty Heroine). I would be very happy to share it, although it does have copyrighted mentioned material through it, which could be easily changed. Since it was a home game copyrighted material didn't matter too much and I used movie sponsors such as Star Wars and Jurassic World. (the movie JW just came out when I ran the Crawl).

I really want to know more about the XCrawl world since we expanded it quite a bit more. We loved our Bacchus worshipping team 'The Bar Crawlers' with an oracle of Bacchus 'woo girl', Dwarven 'order of the flagon' cavalier, drunken martial arts monk, a halfling alchohol based alchemist, punk rock hard drinking halfling, a skald with rage powers that add to drunkeness and... well... they needed a specialist and were able to find one on 'loan' from prison who could do the crawls to lower his sentence. (Yes, we pathfindered up XCrawl, the system, we believe the system works better then 3.5) They're 'dirty trick' masters which winds up hillarious with the idea that it's broadcast. (ie. fighting ogres? PANTS THEM! Throw wine in the face of the orcs to blind them, etc)

Anyhow, we had the Bar Crawlers invited to real world adventures, such as orc hunting with the Prince of Iceland. We tried hard to expand the world outside of the Crawls since we love the setting so much. Such as pro-monster rights groups trying to get half-orcs free status in the city.

I even have a half-orc messenger of Exofah whose message is to bring the word of the renegade god to orcs who wish to leave the worship of the orcish pantheon, much like Elistraee from Forgotten Realms (from another group, we've had a few parties. Not from wipes, just from loving to play the setting so much!) .

Anyhow, it's bad taste to talk about your own games and characters, and I've gone ahead and done that. ^^; But we love the game, seriously love it and hope to see more. Please, please do some pathfinder versions of the game. Don't give up on this setting!! Please!

Author:  PookaWitch [ Sun May 07, 2017 9:03 am ]
Post subject:  Re: I seriously love the XCrawl setting

I realized after hitting 'send' and it said that it needed to be moderated I couldn't edit. ^^; lol

When I said that we pathfindered up XCrawl it's mostly converting 3.5 versions of XCrawl that hadn't been converted yet. I've been doing a lot of that lately (I really love how the coach turned out! :D ) It's also been some minor adjustments of pathfinder classes that weren't in XCrawl into XCrawl. ^_^

And I meant to please do some more pathfinder versions of the game. ^_^ There is so much XCrawl material still that was never converted over to Pathfinder.

Anyhow, I hadn't had my coffee yet that day and spent the rest it feeling silly for not clarifying.

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