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 Post subject: XCrawl Teams
PostPosted: Wed Sep 19, 2007 8:49 am 
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How about all of the GM's out there (and developers for the published teams already named in the books) posting the names and classes of their teams so that others can have good named NPC's to add to their games. I'll add mine as a starter. All of the following teams are faces.

Tampa Bay Titans
Aldworth “Pack Mule” Dentmore - Male Human Fighter – Team Captain
Gwyn “Gorgan” Stenton - Male Human Fighter
Trin “Armor Bane” Langfirth - Female Human Wizard
Cronyn “Small Heart” Berryhill - Male Halfling Rouge
Damian “The Devil Bear” Berkley - Male Human Cleric (Apollo)
Tran “Pale Dawn” Langfirth - Female Human Wizard
Alternate 1 – Terrance “Old School” DeRuc – Male Human Fighter - Second Team Captain
Alternate 2 – Argo “The Dark Horse” Deepmine – Male Dwarf Fighter
Alternate 3 – Wanda “Dragon Hand” Salworth – Female Half-Elf Rouge
Alternate 4 – Selwin “The Bookworm” Bookington – Male Human Wizard
Alternate 5 – Amanda “Crimson Mist” Vaughn – Female Human Wizard
Alternate 6 – Unther “Ice Man” Wentworth – Male Human Cleric (Apollo)

Morgan’s Last Chancers
Milo “Big Smile” Argos - Male Human Fighter – Team Captain
Osa “Medusa” Stenton - Female Human Fighter
Valentina “Queen Slayer” Dawn - Female Human Wizard
Erland “White Hand” Breakson - Male Elf Rouge
Agathon “The Abbot of Anger” Matox - Male Human Cleric (Mars)
Peregrine “Fire Hawk” Forest Walker - Male Half Elf Wizard
Alternate 1 – Brenna “Silver Eyes” Shining Moon – Female Elf Fighter - Second Team Captain
Alternate 2 – Vago “The Man Eater” Erloch – Male Half-Orc Fighter
Alternate 3 – Danni “Deep Pockets” Underhome – Female Gnome Rouge
Alternate 4 – Andrea “Big Mountains” Simpson – Female Human Rouge
Alternate 5 – Antonio “Deep Water” Scarpeti – Male Human Cleric (Neptune)
Alternate 6 – Keith “One Last Shot” Oberman – Male Human Wizard

Natural Disasters
Hilary “Fault Line” Fontaine - Female Human Fighter – Team Captain
Kromar “Thwack” Kang – Male Half-Orc Fighter
Simon “The Saint” Templar – Male Human Rouge
Sam “Fire Break” Slone – Male Human Cleric (Fortuna)
Jack “Jester” Crey – Human Male Cleric (Mercury)
Tomas “Sparky” Green Leaf – Half-Elf Male Wizard
Alternate 1 – Darvin “The Dauntless” Hammer Hill – Male Dwarf Fighter
Alternate 2 – Salvatore “The Don” Domingo - Male Human Fighter
Alternate 3 – Carole “White Water” Vincent – Female Human Evoker
Alternate 4 – Donald “Corsair” Lighton – Male Human Rouge
Alternate 5 – Nathan “Slammer” Hard Iron Male Dwarf Clerics (Vulcan) - Second Team Captain
Alternate 6 – Hanson “Wither” Arrington – Male Human Wizard

Raiders of the Shining Secrets
Wayne “Rock” Tompson – Male Human Fighter – Team Captain
Terry “Red” Nightingale – Male Elf Monk
Vivian “Ms. Right Now” Allison – Female Human Cleric (Venus)
Walter “Boom Boom” Bloomington – Male Elf Wizard
Jerry “What Lock?” Ferngulch – Male Halfling Rouge
Sammal “Heart of Glass” Mortenson – Male Human Cleric (Cupid)
Alternate 1 – Dustan “Gentle Giant” Lang – Male Human Ranger – Second Team Captain
Alternate 2 – Robert “Light Bearer” Jerik – Male Elf Paladin (Jupiter)
Alternate 3 – David “Hop Scotch” Faber – Male Human Rouge
Alternate 4 – Rene “Light Touch” Patterson – Female Half-Elf Cleric (Juno)
Alternate 5 - Mike “Sand Storm” Sansom – Male Human Wizard
Alternate 6 – Wendy “White Fire” Waldoc – Female Human Wizard

Reverend Allan Hoffman
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