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PostPosted: Wed Jul 26, 2006 2:01 am 
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OK here is the background for a character I'm inthe process of creating I will try to put the stats up before the weekend but can't promise anything.

Any comments welcome.


Emily Burtryme

Emily came from good stock, her father was a wealthy business man in charge of meat production in most of the country, her mother had died giving birth to her but that only made the bond between father and daughter all the stronger. They had a good life, servants, the best education and the best crafted bodies to enjoy it all with.

Emily was different to most of her peers, where the girls would be having their society coming out parties Emily would be with her father on the shop floor learning the business. As a teenager she spent her time learning from the butchers how to cut the meat package the meat and sell the meat.
Her relatives, especially the females, constantly went on and on to her father that a bloody abattoir was not the place for a young lady especially with the rough men that worked there.
Her father for his part would look over to his daughter and see that she loved the business and would tell the women to mind their own business.
As she grew older her interests widened to that of the human body and it wasn’t long before her father was pulling strings to allow her to get into medical school. Don’t misunderstand that was all he did once there Emily was on her own, her father realised that she would have to sink or swim by her own skills.
That was what she did, she left with the top score of the year and the first woman to become a doctor. Then reality hit. It was unseemly for a woman to look upon the body of a gentleman and thus she could not get a position in a hospital. Again her father seeing the hurt and frustration stepped in. He realised that his workers couldn’t always pay for medical help and many times he had taken on a family’s debts so they could be treated. So he set up a small cottage hospital for his daughter attached to one of his factories and there she spent her time treating her father’s work force. The family’s saw her as a modern day Florence Nightingale.

One night her father roused her from sleep a child had been found dead in the street and the mother had refused to use an undertaker say that Emily had bought the child into the world only she could care for it in death. That night Emily gently cleaned the child and cared for it ready for it’s burial. Soon more of the work force came to her when someone had died and she very quickly became the unofficial undertaker for the work force.

Over the next year Emily dealt with a number of child deaths, a worryingly high number. Soon she started not only cleaning the body but examining then as well. It wasn’t long before she noticed a small raised mark on each of the children usually just behind the ear. Taking simple blood samples confirmed her worst fears, someone was killing the children with a very sophisticated poison.
She did more research and tracked it down to the orchid family and to a specific type. Asking some questions of the work force she learned that there was a man in the area that grew strange plants and that he was a loner and a recluse. With her evidence she went to the police but they tapped her sympathetically on the hand and said to leave the detective work to the professionals, to go home and find a husband.
Her father had other ideas, he set up a meeting with a school friend of his who had gone on to become quite a well known Alienist. Looking through Emily’s evidence he was convinced they were looking at what he called a serial killer, someone who murdered again and again. He took Emily and the files straight to the chief of police and set up a raid on the suspects house. The sight that greeted them made even the most hardened policeman sick, but Emily insisted on entering the house even against her father’s wishes.

There she saw what pure evil was capable of. She never discussed what she saw that day but it changed her, she went into unofficial partnership with the Alienist and when a case came up that he was asked to look at her brought her in to examine the body and the scene of the crime.

Soon they were cracking cases all over the country but the praise always went to the Alienist. This didn’t both Emily and soon she was doing her own investigations and tracking down her own killers. Her father fearing for her safety got her instruction in the use of the pepperbox pistol, which she has become very efficient with.

Emily’s days are split between helping the workers in the hospital and trawling the seedy streets hunting killers. Unbeknown to her she is followed at all times by a hired bodyguard in the pay of her father. He realised she would be angry if she were to ever find out but his love for her won’t let his stand by and see her hurt or worse.

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 27, 2006 6:16 am 
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Jamat, that's a fantastic character!

Now I just want to see her stats!


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