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What are people playing?
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Author:  jamat [ Mon May 15, 2006 6:36 am ]
Post subject:  What are people playing?

That's right I'm interested in what characters people are playing (I'm not at the moment trying to get my group interested).

Post your characters here.

Tell your adventure stories here


Author:  malladin_ben [ Mon May 15, 2006 12:56 pm ]
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I've just started running a game with one of my school roleplaying groups (the older ones - mainly being around 15 years old).

The party is as follows:
A fey program crafter with occult leanings
An alpha martial artist (complete with paired butterfly swords)
A street assassin (can't remember the race)
A gamma cat burglar
A beta scope rider
and an occult investigator (again, can't remember the race)

Given the age of the players, most of these characters aren't really fleshed out with detailed backgrounds, but I expect things to develop as we play and they get into their characters.

I'm starting them off with Triple Cross, mainly cos I'm basing the game in TGM and don't want anything too occulty to start with. I think I'll do Sin next, or possibly the Lemurian Candidate...



Author:  yperiwn [ Thu May 18, 2006 9:06 am ]
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My campaign is still on the planning. I have planned most of the story but we haven't created the chars yet.

There will be 3 major parts,its taking place in different areas of the Ottoman Empire. The first will be in the borders between Bulgaria and Ottoman empire, where the players will be a terrorist-liberal army(depanding which view you choose) working for annexation of Thrace in the Ottoman empire. The second part will be held in Thessalonica,Ottoman empire, where international talks will be held on the future of Bulgaria and the 3rd part will be probably in the Kajakstan area where the Ottomans are attacking the Russians.

Author:  Spring Heeled Jack [ Sat Jun 10, 2006 5:09 pm ]
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About a week ago, I ran a one-shot to familiarize myself with the system and the players with the setting. It was generally a success, and two of the players have shown an interest in turning it into a regular campaign.

The story was an investigation into the disappearances of a half-dozen factory girls in a Irish ghetto of the Metropolis, under suspicious circumstances. The group's investigation led them into brushes with Irish gangsters and a somewhat suspicious religious charity mission, before they tracked down the source of the problems, a deranged Alpha dilettante with delusions of apotheosis (possibly brought on by something he encountered in the scope).

The group consisted of the following:
Doctor Susan Blackwood: an Alpha. A well-heeled occult investigator with a rather forceful personality
Ian: Dr. Blackwood's Delta bodyguard and driver. A pessimist and a misanthrope, but highly loyal to the Doctor.
Tim O'Brian: A beta. The brother of one of the missing girls, a low-level Gangster with few scruples, but considerable loyalty to his family.

Author:  Taurren [ Sun Jun 11, 2006 2:16 pm ]
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Hopefully a new campaign will start after I demo Etherscope at a mini-convention called Strata-gathering in Columbus GA, in July.

I'm still working on an adventure to introduce the game. If I can't finish the adventure and PC's in time, then I'll use "Just a Delivery".

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